Fly To Jesus and Live…..

I’ve spent the last several nights emailing one of my best friends – Angel. Angel interned here in Haiti several times and was in the process of moving here when her mom got sick.  I wrote several months ago about her mom – Kandiance. She’s was diagnosed with cancer and it spread rapidly. The last several weeks she has been in so much pain. I was hoping to be in the states when things started to really get bad. It breaks my heart that I’m now back in Haiti barely a week and her time here on earth is now coming to an end.

I wish I had the words to comfort Angel. She and her brother have spent the last few days in the Hospital – surrounding their mom with love as she begins to take that journey “home”. Kandiance is an amazing woman of faith. I don’t know anyone like her. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried on her shoulder and she’s prayed for me during my times of stress and sickness. Everywhere in her house there are scriptures on the wall. While she was sick –  she visited with me and prayed FOR ME. Even through her pain – Kandiance was witnessing to those that came into the room to care for her. What a legacy she leaves behind!

Yesterday, Kandiance (who is mainly unresponsive) woke up and said CAKE. Next week is Angel’s birthday. Her mom knew she wouldn’t be here for it and wanted to celebrate it that very minute. They went and got Angel a birthday cake. What a special moment – a birthday Angel will never forget. Even while she’s drifting away….Kandiance is still thinking of her baby girl.


I want to share an email Angel sent me last night:

Last night we had 2 very amazing “revival” times as we are calling them.The first one was at around 8pm. Mom started to ask us to sing praise songs. So a group of about 15 people were crowded in the room and we sang our hearts out. We started to close the door and mom spoke up and said “open door”. She wanted everyone to hear our songs to God! Mom even tried to sing! We actually had people from the other rooms tell us today that the songs ministered to them!!!!!

Then at 3AM mom woke up and told us that Jesus was talking to her. She started talking about Heaven and what it was going to look like. She said her mansion is going to be pink and purple! She said when I get there mine will be pink and Seth’s will be made of Emeralds! It was so fitting! We were up from 3-6AM talking with her.

All day she has been mostly unresponsive, but will come to and says”I want to go home” (Heaven). She said it multiple times today. God has given us so many special times with mom these last few days in Hospice. Even though it is hard to watch her suffer, mom has ministered to all of us in these last few days. I have to admit that I have been trying to understand why God has let mom suffer for the last 9 months. Last night I was asking Him “why” and He showed me all these people that mom ministered to in those months. Even in her time here at Hospice the nursing staff has been ministered to, the people down the hall heard our praise songs and everyone that has come to see her has been blessed. Mom has been “A good and faithful servant” for Jesus and she is ready to go home. We would like for you all to join us in prayer for mom. She is ready to go home and be with Jesus. Please pray that Jesus will come and take her home. We will miss her so much, but we know that God is calling her home.

– – –

I can hardly write for my tears….just can’t imagine what Angel is going through right now. How does someone so young cope with losing someone so special? Why her? My girls love Angel’s mom and have been praying for her since they found out she was sick. Between praying for Angel’s mom and little Jael – it opens the doors for so many questions for them. Malaya has asked – How does God pick who gets sick? Will Rosie get sick? Will I lose my mommy too?

I talked to the girls last night about “Momma Angel” and Rosie started to cry and asked if she would see her again. It was all I could do to mutter…. yes – one day in Heaven.

I think about Angel’s wedding, her first child, or simply the next few months when she experiences her first holidays without her mom. Angel’s dad died when she was little and Angel became her mom’s best friend. Rarely did you not see the two together. I haven’t been able to sleep the last few nights – my heart just aches for Angel and her family.

I keep having the words from this Chris Rice song play through my mind:

Sometimes the way is lonely
And steep and filled with pain
So if your sky is dark and pours the rain, then
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus and live!

And with your final heartbeat
Kiss the world goodbye
Then go in peace, and laugh on Glory’s side, and
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus and live!

Very soon Kandiance will be laughing on Glory’s side! She’ll be united with her husband and sitting by Jesus’ throne!

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