Updates from Jose In PAP…

Wisley came running with his phone telling me Jose was on the line! PRAISE THE LORD! I talked to him for about 20 minutes. I don’t know how to process all that he said as I don’t think he knows how to either. So I’m just going to tell you – just like he told me.

After we got past the initial  – cries of hearing each others voices and making sure we were all okay and safe….I asked him to please tell me what’s going on.

You wouldn’t believe what it’s like here. It’s worse than the hurricane damage we saw in Gonaives. There are bodies everywhere. Honey – EVERYWHERE. I see the back of children’s skulls crushed, limbs on the street, people covered in blood, people missing their heads – and it’s everywhere. Think of the movie Rwanda where they drove over all those bumps and it was dark. When they opened the car door – they saw there were all these bodies.  There were places that were just like that. Not everywhere but in certain areas.The saddest part is in between the bodies are children and adults crying. There are some Haitians who are trying to help the younger ones but it’s chaos. There is no organization. Gangs have set up road blocks and are robbing people. Everywhere you go there are people just walking with no where to go. Where are they gonna go? There are no schools, universities, churches, homes? Where are they going to go? They sleep on the street or wherever they can.

The Visa Lodge had no rooms so he slept outside. Andy met him yesterday. He had no idea he was coming. He was SO THANKFUL to see him. Today they separated. Jose went with a few people to check on families while Andy tried to document more of the serious hit areas.

Along the way of checking on families  – they gave lifts to people to go to the hospital. However the hospitals have nothing and hundreds are just lined outside. They stopped the truck outside a home to check on a family and some Haitians were getting ready to throw a body in the back of the truck. I think they thought we’re with the Red Cross.

Jose said he didn’t see many Americans or anyone doing much of anything. No UN people were to be found where he was at. Andy called Erika and he had quite a different story. He saw a lot of Americans walking around taking pictures and looked like there were some efforts maybe to help people. I think it depends where you go. NEITHER saw Anderson Cooper. They’re been looking for him.

Maureen and Melissa made it there today along with our medical Haitian staff –  although it was too late to really see anyone. They will start full force tomorrow and will do mobile clinics if need be.

– –

Jose called me again tonight and said that they heard there was stuff going on at the Carribean Market. He told me he was so shocked to see it. Since the area he was in wasn’t that bad – he didn’t think that area would be either. When Jose landed in Haiti he needed to shop at that market. It’s where we get group food. He was going to buy supplies. He decided to go to the dock first and work there. He said he honestly could have been there because he debated about which to do first. Andy and him watched them pull the girl out. They let Andy take pictures within the hole.

They have plans to travel all over tomorrow. It’s not just so easy to say – Hey – start digging in the rubble. There is little anyone can really do just yet unless you’re trained or medical. But they’ll do all that they can – even if it’s just transporting sick people.

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  1. Hello! I found your blog while searching for information on mission trips to Haiti. I love what you have been doing for Haiti. I am a Registered Nurse here in the States, and a former U.S. Army Nurse. I feel called to volunteer my time in the earthquake relief efforts. I can pay my own way. If you can give me a contact number I would really appreciate it. God Bless you and your family!

  2. So wonderful to find your blog. Could you comment on the horrible accusations Pat Robertson is making about Haiti being punished by God. I want to preach about what Christians are doing in Haiti to help this Sunday. To check out my bonefides see the website.


  4. Dear friends of mine (Diane Y., Tracy H and Yolonda H) have been serving with you the past couple of years on the Mission and I was planning on coming this April but decided in April that I am not able to. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Diane has told me that I am meant to be a “sender” at this time and not a “goer”…I hold those words close and will do what I can to help your efforts from here. Prayers, prayers and prayers are being sent your way! May God continue to hold you all in the palm of His hand!!

  5. I knew Jose would be alright, however now with confirmation of this you can use that energy focused on the tasks at hand. You are still in our prayers and will be as you were when things were “normal” there.

  6. Jody, As a nurse and someone who has worked with flood ravaged areas previously I would love to come and help your medical team. Let me know if we can get that arranged. I know everything is crazy right now, but I am sure they are going to need some serious relief as this is going to be 24/7 and a long haul. All our love and prayers! Zina

  7. My husband and I came on a mission trip to Haiti. My husband Kelly and his dad Cloide, they prayer walked the area in Saint Louis de Nord, can’t spell it. They were with a group from Ky. they saw the pastor that was there at the church down the road from the compound get married. I also came in 1997 with a couple named Larry and Diane, Haiti was the place at the compound that I told God I would serve him overseas. When we heard the news our hearts broke, and we wondered how the north was affected. Please know we are praying for you all. We are IMB missionaries serving in Botswana Africa. I watched a lady give birth to a baby girl, the team named her Lydia Hope, somewhere hopefully she is there. We also had a girl we sponsered at an orphange up North I hope and pray she is alright Just know we are praying

    • I found out I have a picture of you with kelly and his Dad, you are Larry and Diane’s daughter! Wow! Kelly said to me when he returned, that girl named Jody, God has special plans for her. I am so excited it is you! How’s Larry and Diane, please forgive me if they have went on to be with the Lord, when we became IMB missionaries we lost touch with them. Again, please know you are in our prayers please keep us updated.

  8. I am so happy to hear that you are all safe. Our prayers will be with Jose, Andy and the others working to help the people of POP. Thank you for keeping us posted. God bless.

  9. Jody,
    I was just reading your blog. I am glad to hear jose and Andy are doing well. I too get the sense that there is still not enought being done. Anyways, I saw that they are looking for Anderson Cooper. Every night he has his show on CNN (I don’t know if you can see that or not) and he is across the street from a large park where everyone has set up camp. I get the sense it is in the middle of Port-au-Prince, but I can’t remember what or if they even said what the name of the park area was. Just a thought… Maybe they can find him in that area.


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