Jose and I have fixed up the house in the Mole and it’s ready for the kiddos. We have spent the last several days in St. Louis gathering the remains of our belongings – fridge/freezer/washing machine/clothes/etc. The one thing that was holding us back from taking the kids out there was having a generator.  As I have said before – it’s really hot out there and you cannot find a cool drink anywhere in the town.

Jose went to Port-au-Prince yesterday to buy a generator so that we can actually have power a few hours a day. I feel much better knowing I can mix the babies’ bottles with cool water and that we can take out some meat and not worry about it being spoiled.

Through the efforts of generous people – we were able to purchase our gas stove and gas dryer! Thank you all so much! We were a little taken back by the price of the generator though. We had hoped to purchase one in Port-au-Prince for 6500.00 but it ended up costing us 10,000.00. It’s an 11K generator. We kept debating about what to do. We only had 5,000.00 to put towards it. At the same time there is ministry to be done there. We saw the children experience their first VBS. I do not want to wait any longer to be the face of Jesus to the people in the Mole. The earthquake has taught me how precious time is.

So we bought it and it’s on a truck headed to the Mole right now. Tomorrow we load up everything including our dogs and our children for the 5 hour drive out there! That should be an adventure!

I do have a few things I would like for you to specifically pray about.

1) Evangelism – That the hearts in the Mole would be open and willing to hear about the word of God. That we can fight through some of the deep roots there and change the Mole for HIM! Pray for there to be unity among fellow pastors there. Pray for the programs we will start and that they will bear fruit.

2) The Mole – This town is a really good town. I do not want to corrupt it with our groups. There is a reason why you walk out the gates here in St. Louis and you are attacked by people begging. It’s because we created that system. Every time someone asks you for your shoes/watch/money and you give it to them right there on the spot – we’ve taught them the rewards of begging. When you throw money/candy – off the back of trucks – you’ve taught them to attack every mission truck that goes through their town. WE created this system. Right now we walk the streets WITHOUT begging. We actually blend in with the town. The moment groups start creating a system of rewarding those that beg –  it’s the moment we change the town forever. Pray that in all that we do – that we learn from past mistakes and make an effort to keep the innocence of this town in tact.

3) Gigi – She has become so comfortable here in St. Louis. She walks all over this campus. She just started feeling comfortable enough to leave the house without anyone and loves to randomly sit with people in the group dining hall. When the Miriam Center moved from one building to another – I saw what it did to Belle. She’s never been the same since. I am worried that Gigi will regress when we move. She likes her schedule and her little world here. Please pray she adjusts well. The Haitians still don’t seem to get it. They all thought we would leave her here when we moved. She is OUR DAUGHTER! This will be the first time that the Mole will really see children with special needs. I know how much the people here used to tease them – stare at them – and ridicule them – right to their face. I hope that we are able to teach the people in the Mole how to love children who are different – just like we did here in St. Louis.

4) My Health – I’m sure it’s because of the stress of leaving but the last three days my migraines have come back with full force. Magdala stuck me 5 times today trying to find a vein. No luck. The migraines cause me to throw up and I’m too dehydrated right now. The biggest concern that everyone has for me is that I tend to be someone who needs IV’s about 5 times a year – and that’s on a good year. Jose really pushes fluids on me when I’m in the mole and I am learning to be more conscientious about that out there.

5) For the health of the teams – I am a nurse and am bringing out supplies for groups if they get sick. I practiced sewing up someone yesterday. I hadn’t done that since Miss Pat lived here!! I really try to avoid the “sewing department” but I also realize I need to be able to do that if one of my kids/group members require a stitch. We have always been blessed to be right here by the hospital but we’re over 1.5 hours from the next hospital in the Mole. There is a Czech Clinic in town but I’m not sure what all they can do there.

6) For Our Needs – money to finish paying off the generator, a vehicle (4-wheeler, club cadet, truck – anything) that will help us travel in case of emergency, money to help build our home, and for an emergency-free year. This could possibly the first year I don’t have to fly to the states for emergency medical problems. Avoiding that for one year – wow – that sure would help our finances.

Thanks again for encouraging us along this journey. We consider it a privilege to share our lives with you – the good and the bad! So many of you write us and we have never met – yet we all feel like family. Being on the mission field can get lonely at times. We don’t have a church family to drawl strength from. I used to think that was a bad thing. But God did so much more for us. He gave us this amazing mission family – the missionaries who live here – those that come to visit every year – and those that pray and encourage us from afar. What more could we ask for? 😀

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