He Always Knows Right Where To Hit…

Today is Asher and Levi’s first birthday! I remember their first day so well. I had a doctor’s appointment. I was in the doctor’s office and I kept telling the nurse that I thought I was in labor. She told me it was “nothing”. Nothing? So she let me sit there in the waiting room for a while until my mom finally said –  I think she’s going to have these babies!!  So they put me on a monitor. Levi’s heart rate was too low and I was rushed for an emergency c-section. So it was “nothing” right? Sometimes a mom just knows.

Watching my little boys walking all over the house – it’s hard to believe it’s been a year. I won’t bore you with their story – after all you had 9 long months of waiting for their arrival. I really need to go back and delete most of last year!! LOL!

I have been ready to battle here. In a lot of ways I’ve even been looking forward to it. Nothing like getting totally frustrated and angry on His behalf!! It’s kind of exciting to know you’ve got something to fight for!

I don’t know if you remember the story of the mission’s church in St. Louis. We bought the land from a voodoo owner. When all the men had left for Port-au-Prince to take a group back – 200 people in their ceremonial clothes – with animals in hand – came to the land to make a large sacrifice for Satan.

A visual battle of good versus evil took place that day. As they threatened to bloody that land – three missionary women held hands and sang songs with the name of Jesus. Our ladies and children from the nutritional program sheepishly joined them. While the voodoo people tried their hardest – they ended in frustration – releasing their animals and walking off the land.

The next Sunday at church the townspeople who had witnessed the scene came and said – Tell me about the Jesus that makes the voodoo people leave. Tell me about the Jesus who is more powerful than satan.


I have been praying for the hearts of the people in the Mole. I’ve been praying that a visual battle will take place here  and they will want to know about the Jesus who is more powerful than satan. I’ve been waiting for satan’s punches – preparing for them over the last few weeks. I’ve been looking for the places I know he wants to take charge. I’ve been gearing myself with the armor of God – ready for the battle.

But man – does satan know right where to punch or what? He’s got our 411 on our most vulnerable spot. For a mother – there is no place better to hit than that of her precious baby. You say anything about our children and those are fightin’ words!

I have been preparing for every battle except the one that is closest to my heart – my children. Since arriving in the Mole my little Asher has been attacked. Unsure if he’s having seizures or heat strokes – his little body has had 10 episodes where he goes limp and lifeless for minutes at a time. Wow — didn’t see that one coming.

My momma sent me this email last night:

Jody, i am praying the armor of God over him continually.  You pray that too.  That no firy darts of satan can get to him because sickness is of the devil and you just moved out there to do a mighty work and satan doesn’t like that.  Stand firm honey and keep a watch over Asher but know that God is right there with you as you sleep beside that precious boy.  I heard something tonight on the spiritual channel….some prayer, some power   more prayer, more power   –  much prayer, much power….so have people pray, pray, pray!  love, momma

Nothing like having a praying momma. Nothing like having a praying family. Nothing like having a praying community. Please commit my little boy to your prayers. Satan hit me in my weakest spot. I’m not going to lie – I have been very worried and my first response was to fly him to the states. But wouldn’t satan just love it that our first week out in the Mole – we’re taking that emergency flight to the states? I should have predicted it from the prayer-request list I blogged about a few days ago.

I am keeping in contact with his pediatrician in the states but I believe that I am NOT supposed to take him out right now. There is much work to be done here – and while the battle wasn’t what I expected – I’m suited up and claiming victory in His name.

9 responses to “He Always Knows Right Where To Hit…”

  1. Your pediatric provider is right there with you in that spiritual battle. When Satan attacks like that, that ALWAYS means there are blessings on the horrizions; but, there’s a major spiritul war to be fought. Just remember, the weapons of our warfare are nor carnal but are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. I’ll put you all on our prayer list at church

  2. Dear Jody, I understand totally. We will be in prayer for Asher. (and you) Dear friend, it is hard, but remember God has Asher in His hands. Keep me posted.

    Diana Lotz

  3. Praying for your family. You have always been such an inspiration to me and I really do believe this is an attack – especially if he hasn’t ever had this until you moved. I know as a mom it’s hard to see your baby suffer. I will pray for your heart and for strength. But don’t feel like you can’t take him out if you need to. Trust your mommy instincts.

  4. I’m going to have my church pray tonight. I love your spunk and passion to fight for Him. Satan must be going crazy right now with your family in the Mole. I know big things are in store.

  5. I lover your willingness to fight. It reminds me of your dad. I remember it was pouring down rain and all of us were getting wet. We couldn’t get any work done. It had been two days. Your dad yelled out to satan on the microphone- bring it on! Is this all you have?

    I believe it did downpour another 2 days! But we got the courage to go out and work – even in the downpour.

    Your family has a history of fighting the evil one and I know with God – you will win every time!

  6. Jody and Jose,

    We will keep your family in our prayers as you claim the Mole for Him. You both have shown strength and courage throughout your years on the mission field and I know that God will hold you close and protect you. Stand boldly before Him.

  7. You have such beautiful babies. I loved seeing you and Jose toting them out to devotions this past march. I thought I remember seeing you with Asher and Jose always with Levi. I know little Asher and you have a very strong connection. I know how he wouldn’t go to anyone but you. As a mother it’s so hard to see our children suffer. Please follow the medical advice of your doctor.
    Know that hundreds of us are praying for your family while you tackle the obstacles satan throws before you. I’m excited to join you on this journey. thank you for living in transparency before us. you encourage me every day in my walk.

  8. If he can’t attack your health – he’ll attack the health of your little ones. Remember what you learned in nursing school. Don’t doubt your medical knowledge. You’ve been trained for moments such as these. Watch him closely and keep him as cool as you can – especially if you think its heat strokes. Feel free to email me or call me anytime.

  9. Gerry and I will be praying for little Asher and your family. Satan is wasting his time!

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