It’s Not A Lack Of Faith – Just A Matter of Where You Place It…

I had been wearing my hair in a ponytail/bun for about 10 days straight. I just haven’t had any time or energy to mess with it. So when Jose came to the states  – he told me it was time to go to the salon!! So I looked for a place to get a haircut in Lexington – and voila – I had an appointment for 3pm.

Johnny was my hairdresser. He owns the salon with his sister. I told him, “I didn’t know I was going to have the honor of having the boss do my hair!”  He smiled. We chatted a little bit about Haiti but he actually did most of the talking. We were so chatty that I spent 3 hours there!!

We started talking about “the church” –  after an hour or so!! Nothing like talking about somethin’ spiritual with your hairdresser!!  We agreed that we are so tired of people talking about religion  – and yet missing  the whole point of Christ and having a personal relationship with Him. I told him that people want a “drive-thru kind of Jesus”- you get to stay in your car and not do any of the work. You tell Him what you want and expect to pick it up at the next window. I said I think the problem today is people lack the patience and the faith.

Johnny corrected me and said:

The world isn’t lacking faith. You walked right into this salon – never met me before – and had faith that I would give you a nice cut and style. (I corrected him and said  – I don’t know if I had the “faith” – but more like the “hope”!)

Every time we drive  on a divided high-way with only two yellow lines keeping us from hitting the oncoming traffic – that’s faith. We have faith the truck passing us is going to stay in his lane. When we get on a plane – we put faith in our pilot. We don’t know the pilot at all. We don’t know where he was the night before. We don’t know what is happening in his daily life – yet we put our faith in him every time we step on the plane.

No….the world doesn’t lack faith. We just forgot where to put it.


It’s been two days and I haven’t been able to get that conversation out of my head – out of my heart. It’s true. We put our faith in EVERYTHING without much consideration.  BUT when it comes to putting our faith in Christ – we want to “see” something first. We want proof. We want a background check. We want His credentials. Yet we ask little of everyone else.

These last few weeks with Asher have been really hard on my heart. I hate feeling so helpless. I had blogged that we couldn’t get into Cincinnati Children’s Hospital until August. I was very frustrated that we had left Haiti for Asher to get treatment  – and yet we were sitting here watching our son have seizures every day and couldn’t find anyone to help him! We were just told he couldn’t go back to Haiti and that’s it.

So within a day of posting that – through connections with a great friend- we had an appointment for today! Asher had another EEG and an EKG. They wanted to do the EKG just in case there was something going on with his heart. That test showed up normal. We explained to the doctor all that had been going on these past few weeks. He was so kind. He told us we would not be endangering Asher’s life by taking him back to Haiti. He did say that some seizure disorders can be sensitive to the heat. So it’s possible that moving out of the AC environment of St. Louis  – to the heat of the Mole –  could have exposed his seizure condition. Didn’t cause it -but exposed it.

Finally someone heard us and Asher is now on some preventative medication for epilepsy! For the first time I feel like I can breathe a little bit. I keep thinking about my conversation with Johnny. I honestly believe these past few weeks there were moments – maybe even days – where I put my faith in everything but God.

From the moment we knew about our twin little miracles – we knew that God had a purpose for them. Yet I allowed for satan to put doubt in my mind. Of course my God has all the connections in the world! He knows just who we’re supposed to see, when we’re supposed to see them, and what will happen before we even think it. My faith had been misplaced. It’s amazing the lessons that God is teaching me through this difficult time. I feel like He continues to open my eyes every day in small little ways.

I’m not trying to preach you a sermon – I’m just bringing to a light a little conversation I had over a haircut…..

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  1. Maybe you didn’t intend to preach a sermon, but you DID — and it was a great one!!! Thank you! This one really needs to go in your book!

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