Trip Through Memory Lane…

I have kept boxes of my memories on top of Mary Beth’s office for years! Malaya keeps asking for Barbie doll stuff. I told her that I thought I had a few tubs of Barbie things from when I was little. So today – Jose and I went through about 25 tubs/boxes/barrels of good-ole memories. It was fun and yet – kind of made me misty-eyed.

My Toys:
1) The Heart Family – they were the same size as the barbie dolls but were their only little entity. I found their nursery and family car as well as all the dolls.
2) Danny doll – from New Kids On the Block! I remember wanting Jordan that year and being SO DISAPPOINTED that I got Danny instead!! LOL!
3) My Oopsie Daisy Doll – – You remember the commercial – Oopsie Daisy’s learning to crawl – she’s such a pretty baby. Crawl to me as fast as can be – Oops – Oopsie Daisy!
4) Teddy Ruckspin – You know the bear that tells stories while sitting at his little red desk!
5) Oh Yes – Easy Bake Oven from 6th grade!!
6) My little ponies, strawberry shortcake, and Starbrite figurines!
7)My barbie doll – house, Rockstage, McDonalds, Ice Cream Shop, Stable, skating ring, etc.
8)Little dresses I wore as a baby
9)Baby Alive – one of the first “talking” dolls.
10)He-man figurines! (must have been Janeil’s).

My Awards and Papers:
1) 4-H trophies!
2) Academic Team/Honor Roll certificates
3) Checker’s 1st place certificate for Obedience School. (Checkers was a dog we had for 13 years).
4)Most Likely to Succeed award from 6th grade!
5) Speeches and stories I wrote from 1st grade-Nursing school
6) Journals/Diaries from grade school – middle school. HILARIOUS! I’ll have to share a few on here later.
7) My “Distinguished” English Portfolios!
8)My Chorus Awards – from where we went to state.
9)Yearbooks – some signed from my friends who are no longer with us.
10) Tons of pictures of my Haitian friends – we truly did grow up together!!

To Things More Recent:
1) All my nursing school papers/books/notes
2) My wedding bouquet, weird gifts we got at the reception in Haiti, my dress, my veil, my shoes, etc.
3) Cards we got for Malaya’s/Gabriel’s baby showers
4) Baby clothes from all the kids – that we kept back for them to give to their kids
5)Newspaper clippings/magazines from the days they were born

We dumped several tubs worth of old stuff and repacked the things we wanted to keep!! BUT – we’ve got another 15 tubs to sort through tomorrow! What a great day!

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