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Game On…

I have to say – I was pretty disappointed when we didn’t make it 10 days in the Mole without a medical emergency. I felt pretty defeated flying out. My mind could not wrap around the timing – right now – right when we’re starting our new ministry and trying to lay some major groundwork for the new campus. I knew it was an attack from satan – – but God has the power to beat him every time. So why didn’t He claim victory? Maybe He did.

Slowly but surely – God has revealed so much to me over these past few days. The week started with a sold-out Hillsong concert. On a whim we put out a facebook message asking if anyone had tickets. Within 24 hours we had 3 tickets for Jose, Momma Gigi, and myself! We reconnected with some  great friends at the concert! It was an amazing time of worship! I loved that I got to experience this with Momma Gigi too! She was blown away by the overwhelming presence of God.  There were parts of my soul that were going numb. But this time of worship  – wow – it brought me to my knees and gave me a renewed spirit.

Tuesday was followed by a counseling session with a great Christian therapist. We saw him right after the earthquake in February. He was the guy who told me that I could be the Personal Assistant to the Holy Spirit.  He’s just got a really neat way of looking at things. He was SO good for me!! He really helped me get a grasp on the things going on in my life right now. He gave me a lot to process and I’m very grateful for our time.

We started this spring doing a Beth Moore Study. It was my first. Would you believe that Beth Moore will be in Lexington two weeks from now and I am going to see her!! It’s a 2-day workshop and I am SO SUPER EXCITED!!

Perhaps the reason we are out right now is so that I can get my heart, mind, and soul  – all in check. I believe God is using this stateside time to actually prepare me for the battles we are getting ready to face in the Mole. While I’ve been excited for the ministry – perhaps I wasn’t quite prepared. I know going back – I’ve got my game on – and I’ll be ready to face the challenges head-on.

SO –

Asher hasn’t had a seizure since we started him on his medication!!  If he continues to thrive – then we will head back to Haiti September 1st. On September 2nd we will do our big tent-city giveaway in Port-au-Prince. On September 3rd  – we fly to the Mole!

Instead of being depressed about being out right now – I’m embracing this time and using it to prepare for the ministry that awaits us!! GAME ON!!