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Back To Tribal Council…

I’m not a huge fan of Survivor although my husband loves to watch every season. It was on last night – so I agreed to watch it with him. It’s odd – being on an island and watching a show about surviving on an island!

I’m watching as the teams – Old versus Young – compete against each other. As usual, the tribe that loses then has to vote someone off at Tribal Council. Before and during the battle, the team rallies together as a big family so they can win the task at hand. However, if their team loses – WATCH OUT!! There is no more family but every man for himself.

As I watched the Tribal Council Meeting, I was amazed at how brutal these team-mates can be –all for the sake of the big cash prize at the end of the game! The host of the show – Jeff – – asked each player if they’re the weakest one? One by one they all say – NO. But last night when the question came to coaching legend – Jimmie Johnson – He said yes – he’s weak. At that point, his fate was sealed and he was voted off.

I think as Christians we try to live in harmony as much as possible. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if our churches or jobs or even families held their own tribal council meetings to vote someone off the “island”. We’d probably say this would be a ridiculous task, and yet you know it happens everyday where someone is “shut out” or given the cold shoulder by a “brother” in Christ.

If it were me, how would I fair? I think, “What strengths would I carry? Why should I get to stay over someone else? Am I the weakest player?”

I’m glad that I only have to worry about God’s Council – and he won’t vote me off His island! He redeemed me and calls me His own. My salvation doesn’t require a heroic act on a beach with sand in uncomfortable places… To God the weak are made strong..

2 Corinthians 12:9-10 (New International Version)
9But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

So go ahead – vote!

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First Women’s Bible Study In The Mole…

I can barely contain myself! Today was our first official Women’s Bible Study Meeting. Last week was the women’s conference which was our kick-off. However – I honestly wasn’t expecting but around 30 people to show up today! It was to start at 4pm. I have been on IV’s all weekend. Just got off of them yesterday. I contemplated not even going today. It was raining outside and I was totally zapped of all my energy.

I knew that we’d be starting late –  so I didn’t leave our house till 4pm. Malonea was waiting for me! Imagine my surprise when I turn around the corner and – it was STANDING ROOM ONLY!! Over 200 women were crammed into our little church – ready to study His Word! We even had 3 ladies from the fishing village which is a 3 hour walk! With tears in my eyes I told the women we weren’t giving out peanut butter today! LOL! They laughed and said no – we are here  – TO LEARN FROM YOU! I am so humbled – so very, very humbled!

We prayed with each other and talked about what we want our group to stand for. There are so many things that  – we  – Christians – stand against! I want a group that focuses on what we actually stand for! It was a wonderful time of fellowship. We laughed! We joked! We even cried when we talked about how hard life can be at any given moment.

I ended our devotion time talking about what it means to be the personal assistant to the Holy Spirit. I have shared that devotional thought with many of the Americans but have never shared it with the Haitians. One lady stood up and said there are days she has no reason to get up. She has no money – no food to feed her children. But knowing she has the Holy Spirit living inside of her – and she’s to be His assistant – now she has a reason to get up. She said she has to make sure she is doing everything He wants her to do each day. Hallelujah!

And to think I almost didn’t go today…….Satan, Ou pedi Batay!

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A Note From My Momma…

Holy Spirit thou are present in this place! I can feel your overwhelming power! I am back home in Port de Paix after experiencing one of the most God breathed women’s conferences I have ever experienced including the ones in the United States. Two forces came together one morning when Pastor Jean Claude was speaking and a teenager who was demon possessed tried to over-power the preacher.

What do you do when you come in contact with such force? You pray. Three hundred women began to pray as Pastor Jean Claude repeated, “Demon come out”! For some of you who do not believe in evil spirits – this day you would have changed your mind. That evening in the worship service – the young girl began to sing about Jesus! Only God! Only the Holy Spirit!

I so enjoyed sharing with the women. It felt so good inside to tell them what the Lord had done for me. Eighteen women came forward during the conference and we took them to the ocean to baptize them! I tell you – I had a flash back to the first trip in Haiti! Larry preached at this little old church on the beach and people came forward. We went outside to baptize them in the ocean just like Pastor Jean Claude was doing.

Then tears rolled down my cheek as I saw Jody Beth greeting each one in their wet clothes and kissing them. I did that very thing some thirty years ago on my first trip. I was reliving it all over again. The baby I had carried in me the first trip I made to Haiti, I was now seeing that beautiful baby welcoming those women to Christ.

I see God’s hand working in a mighty way in the Mole. A new beginning to lead others to Christ in a new village is SO EXCITING! I feel so privileged that God allowed me to serve Him in the Mole.

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My Malonea…

The first time I met Malonea she was standing at the foot of our steps in June. She had her dress pulled up over her head and she was trying to tell me she was hungry. Malonia is very special – and I knew right away I wanted to help her.

So Malonea helps sweep the group center or wash dishes – small odd jobs. She doesn’t want any money – she just asks for food to take home to her two children who are 5 and 3 years old.

Malonea started going with us every day to the conference. I have to tell you how amazing she is. The first day I gave up my seat and pointed to a lady to come and take it. Within 2 minutes – Malonea gave up her seat – pointed to a lady to take it and stood with me by the wall.

The next night I was sitting at the conference and saw a cute little baby. So I went and got her and put her on my lap. Within a few minutes – Malonea had a little baby sitting on her lap!

Imagine my surprise when Malonea decided to sing on Tuesday night. Everyone in town knows her and so the crowd went wild when she took the mic! Let me tell you – that girl knows how to sing!! But do you know what she was singing?

She was singing –  Even though here on earth my mind is not like yours – when Jesus comes I will be normal. When Jesus comes I can think like you do! (Brought tears to my eyes and everyone else’s).

Somewhere along the way this week – Malonea who doesn’t know how old she is (but I know she’s older than me) – has become like a daughter to me. She waits for me to come down the steps every morning and if we take off in the gator to go somewhere – there she is – riding in the back.

We had a bonfire last night and there was Malonea – joining in with all the Americans. My shoes were sandy and the next thing I know Malonea is washing them for me.

Malonea had been to every session at the conference. When Diane asked the ladies if they wanted to make a promise to worship Jesus only – Malonea made that promise and sealed it with a ring.

She told me she wanted to accept Christ. I wanted to make sure she understood what she was doing. So Pastor Jean Claude met with her for over an hour. She was baptized Wednesday!

Today I went and visited her house and met her children. The father of Malonea’s two children died two years ago. He was only 4 feet tall. Her 5-year-old has his same features.  They told me he had seizures and maggots ate his body alive – right in front of them. I cannot even imagine.

Her children were naked and dirty. She was embarrassed and gave them a bath while we were there. Her children have few clothes and they sleep on concrete – there is no mattress. You can see a tint of red in her daughter’s hair.

Before we came here the children were extremely malnourished. But we send her home with food every day and you can see the fruit of those meals.

Everyone makes fun of her but it doesn’t seem to phase her.

On our way back to the mission today someone yelled out to Malonea and asked – HOW IS IT YOU ARE RIDING WITH THOSE AMERICANS?

Malonea’s response – – ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD!

This is just a little video of her singing, bathing her kids, and a look into her one-room home.

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Women’s Conference Day 4…

Wow – what a way to end a beautiful conference! I can’t even explain all that happened today.

I had already explained that Diane and Jean Claude spoke this morning. This afternoon Beth spoke about knowing God as Father. We know Him as so many other things – our Deliverer, Healer, Comforter, Savior – – but He’s also our Papa. Maybe they don’t know who their father was  – or their dad was mean to them – so they don’t understand a Father’s undying love. But Beth really explained to them what love He has for His daughters.

Jean Claude spoke again after Beth’s speech. Then we all went to the ocean and baptized some of those that had come forward this week! Imagine my surprise when not only Elirose (who’s in the red down below) but Mme Selony (who is in the white) came forward to be baptized as well!! Mme Selony is the cook from St. Louis that we brought with us. She is the lady who lost her husband around Thanksgiving last year! What a celebration Indeed!


The conference ended tonight! There was so much singing, dancing, and even a few skits! Tonight I spoke about Voodoo. I told the story of the Citadel Church – how the voodoo people came to make a large sacrifice on the land that the church sits on now. That women and children sang the name of Jesus – Magdala’s brother in-law preached a sermon and in frustration the voodoo people walked off the property! No one had ever stood up to them before. The next Sunday the church was packed. People wanted to know about the Jesus who was more powerful than satan. They wanted to know about the Jesus who makes the voodoo people walk away.

I told them they spent these last 4 days learning about that very Jesus. I don’t understand voodoo. You have to go to a temple – or up a mountain – you pray to a doll or things that aren’t even real! But Jesus is alive! Jesus is everywhere. We don’t have to search Him out – He meets us down right where we are.

I ended telling them that my fear is that they will leave this convention – knowing how wonderful our God is – but forget to tell their neighbors. What a tragedy if God put their neighbor beside them – hoping that they would tell them about Christ. If our neighbor doesn’t know Christ and he dies tomorrow – is that our fault for never telling Him that there is a Heaven – a place where there is no more tears?

Then I got down on my knees and said – – We spend so much time on our knees for the things we’ve done wrong – for the gossip, lies, or bad attitudes that we have. BUT –  don’t spend on more minute on your knees for the things you “didn’t” do!  For not being His personal assistant. For not forgiving others. For not telling others about His love, grace, and mercy.


I can’t tell you what a blessing this week has been for me. My first time being responsible for a conference – and I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of women to lead it or to participate in it! Spending this week with Beth, Diane, and my mom – wow – so much fun! I am so unworthy of Him and yet He finds reason to use me. I prayed this week hearts would be changed – – I never dreamed mine would be one of them!

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Voice Of Angels…

There are a lot of things in Haiti that can wake you up from a beautiful dream. For the most part – it’s dogs barking or a rooster crowing! But this morning around 4:30am  – I woke up to the loveliest voices you’ve ever heard!

Another 4am prayer service took place this morning at the town square. The Beautiful Mole Women then came to our home and prayed over it and everyone in it! Then they broke out in song! I feel so honored and humbled by them. Here we are trying to change their lives and every day this week they’ve changed mine!


Right now we have a two-hour break but I had to share with you all that has happened this morning! Diane Cornelius (known as the Wedding Lady to all of us here in Haiti) shared her heart this morning. She brought wedding decorations and a beautiful wedding dress. She explained to the women that Christ wants us to be his bride. That he wants to love us unconditionally. But that He is a jealous God and wants us to put Him first above all else. Her speech was so heart-moving. Many of the women were in tears. She challenged everyone to accept Christ. She asked  – Has anyone already accepted Christ but forgot that love you had for Him that day you were baptized? Many people stood up. As she continued to challenge people to remember their first love – more and more people stood up. 200 people rededicated their lives to Christ this morning and “vowed” to serve Him and only Him. To put Him above all others. To make Him first in their life.

After they made that promise out loud to God – she gave them each a ring to symbolize that promise.  It was such a beautiful service. Makes me teary-eyed now. The women took their promise very seriously. I LOVE – LOVE-  LOVE these ladies!!

Pastor Jean Claude shared during the second part of the service today! I wasn’t able to hear everything he talked about because we were talking to a few women who came forward to be baptized. We plan on baptizing those who’ve come forward each night  – today! I can’t wait to welcome them as my sisters in Christ!

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Women’s Conference Day 3…

At 4am today we had our first prayer service. We challenged everyone last night at the conference to come to the town square at 4am to pray for the Mole! There were hundreds of people this morning! They were on their knees -hands in the air –  praying loudly – for over an hour! Indeed – Revival has broken out in the Mole!

I wasn’t sure with all the rain whether or not people would show up today for the seminar! But we had more women today then we did yesterday!!

Diane Cornelius talked first today. She had a broken cup and a regular cup. She explained that God can take us in our broken place with all our broken pieces and make us whole again. He glues our parts back together with His love, His grace, and His mercy!

The next speaker spoke about patience. That God has a plan for our life! If you think there is no way out of your current situation – lean on Him for understanding. Wait upon the Lord and He will answer you. Continue to have faith even when you feel there is nothing left to give. Pray for strength and He’ll give it to you – each and every day.

Because of the rain we moved the conference inside. I thought there would be less people. WRONG AGAIN! The shelter was packed from front to back. It was standing room only!! I mean crowded like opening night to Jonas Brothers! When it was time to start singing and dancing – you never seen a crazier bunch of Christians! I could have sworn some of them were dancing in mid-air! Jean Claude had come to visit us and he was getting his spiritual groove on! It was kind of funny! I love the way they praise the Lord here – there is truly nothing like it – NOTHING!

Today is a day that I will never forget.  Elirose is Momma Gigi’s sister (or Gigi’s Aunt). Elirose has worked for me for about 4 years. She is not a Christian. She hasn’t shown much interest in our ways – but she’s a good lady! So I brought her family out here to the Mole with me. The staff has been praying for her since our move here in June.

She has been coming to the conference every day. Magdala, our St. Louis du Nord ladies, and some of our staff went to call on her at her house during our dinner break. A very teary-eyed staff embraced her as she told us God has been speaking to her this week and she wants to accept Christ! We will baptize her this Sunday! Tears flow down my cheeks even as I type right now! There is a dance of jubilee tonight in the employee homes – for we have a new sister in Christ!


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Women’s Conference Day 2

It started raining this morning and I wasn’t able to post this from yesterday:

Today we had a great seminar! We started the morning off with my mom speaking about the Rock! That if we hold onto the rock – even though the world may fall apart all around us – that Rock of Jesus will help us through every obstacle.  Following her speech, we had a Haitian Woman share her testimony of how God saved her from a life of prostitution and took her ugliness and found something beautiful.

Then we had Allison from Savannah Christian Church share her testimony. She reminded every Haitian that everyone has a story unique to them and by sharing it with each other – we can find comfort. Following her speech  -we had another Haitian lady give her testimony about the Grace God has given her . At the end of the seminar but before the final conference at night – we handed out peanut butter to all the ladies! 🙂

In-between talks – we taught them a song. One of my favorite songs to sing in Creole is about having the spirit in  – Your Head, Your Hands, Your Heart, Your Stomach, Your Back, and Your Legs. You add a part of the body to each round and then at the end you go really fast and sing them all! It’s kind of silly – but a lot of fun! The ladies LOVED IT! Diane Cornelius recorded us singing it on the stage tonight at the conference. I’m going to try to upload it later.

The theme of the conference was translated – God knows you better than you know yourself. The Pastor was on fire tonight! He had such a great analogy. He said a Haitian man was driving down the road and his truck broke down. He just bought this Toyota truck and was so upset that he didn’t have it one day and it had broken down. He raised the hood – did everything he could think of – but nothing would make the truck work. A man walked by and the driver told him – how can this be? I’m not a mechanic – I’ve used all my money to buy this truck – AND now it’s broken.

The man told the driver to raise the hood of the truck. He then told the driver to start his truck. Immediately the truck started. He said I don’t understand – I raised the hood too but could not fix the problem. The man laughed and said – I work for Toyota. I built this truck. I know it better than you do – though you are the driver!!

In the same way  – God made us -and knows us better than we know ourselves!! Great analogy!

He preached about the desert – how we can find ourselves in the middle of it – the sand too hot to walk on and the sun beating down. But if we would allow Jesus in our life –  He can send a hurricane right in the middle of a desert! He will carry us on His back. His feet will take that burn for us. Do we not realize that if it weren’t for Jesus  – we would already be burning?

There were a few people who came forward at the invitation but the thing that really touched my heart was two children who couldn’t have been more than 12 years old. They were coming down to accept Jesus. The same two little girls I always see at VBS and out on the street when I walk outside.

I just LOVE the Mole people! Tomorrow morning we’re having a special 4AM prayer service! Indeed – God is moving in the Mole!