Baby Rek Sarah…

Just wanted to update you on the mother and baby I had you pray for a few days ago! The mother and baby are now home! The mom received a blood transfusion when she arrived at the hospital. The baby was on oxygen for a day but she made it! She was 5lbs.

This family has been faithful to our church since we started over a year ago. Even while she was 8 months pregnant she came twice a week to the 4am prayer services. They have one other son who is 2 years old.

Their hospital bill is 300 USD. I would like to be able to pay that for them. When I was pregnant with the twins  – my total hospital bill was $120,000.00! For  Haitians – 300 USD might as well be 10,000! They don’t have a dollar in their pocket! With all that they have been through – I would like to relieve this burden for them.

If you want to help them- please let me know!

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  1. Jody
    I will be making a $300 donation on site in minutes for Baby Rek Sarah.

    What a blessing
    Please confirm you received this.
    Tom Snivley

  2. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Thank you so much for responding so quickly!! I am always blown away by everyone’s generosity! I cannot wait to tell them!! Thank you Tom for being so generous and thank you Colleen for wanting to help!!

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