I’m sitting here in my bedroom – looking outside the window. The sky is so many shades! I’m blown away by God’s beauty in the midst of a storm. The rain comes and goes. No doubt the sky is speaking to us – preparing for Hurricane Tomas to come by. It’s projected path takes the eye of it right over the Mole! But you and I both know that only God knows the true path!

The week started with a loud roar – the 4-day voodoo service right outside our home. (See molehaiti.wordpress.com for the entire story). But tonight it’s quiet. Just the rustle from the palm trees and the patter of rain drops. It’s the sound of faith….. (huh?)

This past Monday I talked to our Haitian Women’s Group about Faith. I had a few words written down about what I wanted to say – but mainly I just wanted God to use me and to speak His words. We talked for over an hour . It was a discussion – not just me simply teaching.

I got up to the podium and started banging on it (mimicking the voodoo drums). I shared about my first voodoo service and again what I had experienced over the last several days. So what’s the difference between Christians and Voodoo  – I asked them? Sure they could probably list a thousand things. But God laid one thing on my heart. The difference is faith! They sat there kind of fuzzy-looking. What do you mean – asked the Pastor’s wife?

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You wake up and the sun is shining! You go to the market! There’s a sale on mangos! You found work washing clothes. Your children had food for all three meals. Your husband brought home enough money to pay for the kid’s schooling! Wow! Our hands are in the air! Thank you Jesus! We dance all week –  YEAH JESUS!! Our faith is strong! No one can touch us! We don’t dare doubt Jesus that week!

But then Monday comes again. Man – it’s raining. There’s no money for fruit today. Your husband didn’t find any work. Your kids aren’t respecting you. Boy – what a week! Where’s Jesus? Why am I suffering like this? OH MY! Jesus has forgotten about me.

You know what that is? That’s faith – based on sight! When things are going your way – then your faith is strong. When you don’t get your way – then your faith is weak. You’re basing your faith on the circumstances surrounding you and not on who He is. (Can I get an AMEN?)

So how is it that faith makes us different from voodoo? Because it’s like this –

Your child gets sick. You pray for God to heal him. You pray and you pray. You take him to the doctor. Nothing seems to work. So in a last-ditch effort you take him to the witch doctor. Then next thing you know he’s giving you a special potion to drink and you’re placing your faith in THE WITCH DOCTOR and not God.

Or you get fired from your work. You know that someone lied about you. So you’re mad. You go to the witch doctor to curse your co-worker. And in that moment you place your faith not in God (who sees all and has the final judgement) but IN THE WITCH DOCTOR to make things right.

Almost everyone who goes to the witch doctor does it because they didn’t get their way and they’ve lost faith in God! They believe that someone else  – some other spirit – some other being – is more powerful than God!

Yeah but you live in America! How does this relate to you? Because it’s like this –

What happens when a child dies? When your mom finds out she has cancer? When a car accident takes your husband? We don’t understand it. In those times where it seems God’s inactive  –Hiding even– He may be accomplishing more than we could ever imagine. This is why faith-based on sight is not good. Genuine faith walks steadfast with God for the pleasure of His company not for the results.

What God does changes constantly. He may heal one person and let another one die. He may be glorified in the poverty of Haiti and glorified in the riches of America. He can exalt us one year and humble us the next. While things change constantly – HE NEVER DOES.

At times I don’t understand God. Why the earthquake? Why Cholera? Why now Hurricane Tomas? But just as Mr. Nene told me – “Who are we to question anything? Jesus suffered more on the cross than any of us could here”.  I don’t know why- maybe he is humbling Haiti this year only to exalt it in 2011.

Beth Moore says the enemy of faith is fear! Satan will stop at nothing to cause doubt in our lives. To frighten us. To panic us! That’s exactly what we’ve been fighting all year! Everyone is afraid of something in Haiti this year! Pick a problem. Any problem! Satan is throwing fear at each one of us trying to weaken our faith!

KNOW that fear is a product of darkness. 2 Tim 1:7 – God hasn’t give us a spirit of fear –  but of power –  of love  – and of sound mind!

SO – – When the palm tree sways, when the rain pours down, when my friends get sick, when the ones I love are in pain, when the days seem too long, when the nights bring heartache – when those that already suffer so much  – suffer even more – I will not allow satan to box-me- in with fear and frustration!

I will not drop my faith BUT simply drop to my knees! I’ll acknowledge the sounds of stretching-faith!


El-Elyon — The Lord Most High
El-Olam — The Everlasting God
El-Shaddai — The God Who is Sufficient for the Needs of His People
Jehovah-Elohim — The Eternal Creator
Jehovah-Jireh — The Lord our Provider
Jehovah-Nissi — The Lord our Banner
Jehovah-Ropheka — The Lord our Healer
Jehovah-Shalom — The Lord our Peace
Jehovah-Tsidkenu — The Lord our Righteousness
Jehovah-Mekaddishkem — The Lord our Sanctifier
Jehovah-Sabaoth — The Lord of Hosts
Jehovah-Shammah — The Lord is Present
Jehovah-Rohi — The Lord our Shepherd
Jehovah-Hoseenu — The Lord our Maker
Jehovah-Eloheenu — The Lord our God

Who is more powerful than satan! More powerful than cholera! More powerful than the earthquake! More powerful than hurricane Tomas! And more powerful than he that is in the world!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this truth!
    It is so funny I got to the end your blog to the names of Christ and I just smiled. I am in the middle of a Beth Moore Bible Study “Living Beyond Yourself” but last week He told me to take a break and pull out a study I did 4 years ago on the names of Christ. Just this week I have typed up that list of names and God has allowed me to send that list to many of my friends and to use his names to help me and others threw certain tough situations. How amazing our GOD is…He is indescribable, unattainable!

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