Mission Stories

Ka Pa Fu (Fishing Village)

Tomorrow morning at 5am – Jocelyn, Bena, and Jose will be walking to the fishing village. It’s a 3 hour walk one-way. The ocean is too rough for the boats. Even the local fishermen aren’t out at all. They said it would probably be Wednesday or Thursday before boats would go out. We don’t want to wait that long. There have been many rumors about this village being completely destroyed or washed out to sea. They are an hour boat ride to the north of us. There’s about 500 villagers that live there. We came across them accidentally when we were searching for caves!

There’s no cell phone service out there so it’s hard to know what’s going on. Please be in prayer for this village and for the guys going out tomorrow to check on them! Praying that God had a hedge of protection around that precious little village and that everything we heard (rumors) were simply that – rumors.


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