Don’t Forget – My Sister Lori is Available To Speak…

My sister  has been in ministry since I was in 5th grade! She’s a dynamic speaker and teacher! I’m not just saying that! She’s a published writer for Standard Publishing and Group Publishing. She’s almost as funny as I am! 😀

Think about her for your Mother/Daughter banquet, training leadership, or bringing families together!

From Her Website:

A preacher’s daughter, missionary daughter, mother, stepmother, children and family pastor, music director, square-dancer, caterer, single, married, divorced, remarried, blended… shake it all up and Lori has worn many hats in her lifetime.

With years of ministry and life experience, Lori brings a unique perspective to what life dishes up for women of all ages. So nose around on this site and find information you can use to make your home warmer, your heart lighter, and most of all your faith encouraged.

May God bless you and your family.

Lori C.

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