SO Thankful…Day 9

I realize that all of us have different views about healthcare in the United States. But let me tell you about healthcare here in Haiti.

Let’s say your child has fallen and broken his arm. You go to the local hospital. Do you have money to pay for the x-ray? No? I’m sorry. Then they can’t see you.

Let’s say your child has malaria. You go to the local hospital. Looks like your child needs an IV and chloroquine. Do you have that money upfront? No? I’m sorry. Then they can’t see you.

No matter what you may think about the states – when you enter in a hospital – you are seen. There is no delay because you can’t pay.

When Asher started having seizures every day last summer- there was nothing we could do here. There was no equipment for an MRI or EEG. There wasn’t even seizure medication in all of the Mole. We flew out on an emergency flight and as soon as we landed he was admitted to the hospital for 6 days. Every test imaginable was performed and he was immediately placed on seizure medication.

This past month Asher has fallen 3 times and needed stitches. Just LAST NIGHT – we were back in the clinic and Asher got 3 stitches.

If I were in the states I wouldn’t think twice about finding a clean hospital that could stitch up my son. When Asher fell we had to walk to find the doctor’s house. Then we had to walk to find the guard’s house to open the clinic. Then we had to wait while they turned the generator on. Then I watched the bugs flying all around us as the doctor began to sew up Asher.

There are children who are in desperate need of surgery – but no hospitals or doctors to perform it. There are children who need medicine but the clinic shelves are empty. There are children who die every day in Haiti –  who would live if they had access to the hospitals and medical technology that we have in the states.

Upset about healthcare politics? Just visit the local Haiti hospital and then talk to me about healthcare.

So today Lord – I am thankful for healthcare!

I am thankful for hospitals and doctors.

I am thankful for tests and treatment. 

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