SO Thankful…Day 16

When my children were born I couldn’t get over how beautiful they were. They had such little feet and tiny hands! I loved to put my finger in their little hand.  There is nothing better than filling their fingers squeeze mine. I loved to kiss on those little hands! To play pick-a-boo with those precious hands!

Gigi loves her hands! From the moment she was 3 months old – she would spend all waking hours looking at them! I think it’s safe to say that her hands are her best friend! Watching Gigi be consumed with her hand  – looking at it so intently – it made me start thinking about our hands. How important they are when it comes to reaching out to your loved ones.

When teams walk down the streets it doesn’t take long and little children will begin to grab their hands. I encourage teams to paint the nails of little children. Shortly after painting them the children will go and wash them off. They wipe the polish off in hopes that you will hold their hand again. They long for the gentle touch of a loving hand.

Ever think about all that your hands can do? They allow me to type this blog! They allow me to examine sick children. They allow me to brush Malaya’s hair. They allow me to high-five Gigi! They allow me to squeeze Asher’s little cheeks! They allow me play hangman with Rosie. They allow me to wipe away Levi’s tears. They allow Mikela and I to have a secret handshake! They allow me to make shadow puppets with Gabriel! They allow me to wave to at folks as I walk by! They allow me to blow kisses to sweet little babies on the street!

So today I am thankful for my hands!

For allowing me to reach out to those I love!

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