Happy 8th Birthday Rosie!

Today Rosie turned 8 years old! I’ve written before about Rosie’s story and all that she’s overcome! The fact that she’s still here is a miracle! She is a miracle!

This past fall Rosie was diagnosed with Profound Developmental Delay. She also has Sensory Integration Disorder. These past few months have been very difficult for her. She doesn’t understand why her sisters are passing her in school. She struggles that she can’t keep up with all the fun things they are doing. She has a hard time verbalizing and expressing how she really feels. She doesn’t know what to do with all of these emotions she has.

As a mother it’s incredibly difficult to see her so sad. Rosie has always been so care-free but you can really see over the last few months that she’s become burdened. We constantly tell her that God made her special and we remind her how amazing she is. But it’s still a struggle!

Rosie has touched so many lives! She has more friends than anyone I know!! 🙂 I humbly ask for those of you who know her –  please immerse her in prayer this 2012.  May she one day understand how truly special she is.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Rosie from your sponsors at Park UMC. We love you and pray for you.We wish you a special birthday.
    Sending love on behalf of myself and the other sponsors.
    Susan Schultz

    • Thanks Susan!! That means a lot! Rosie wants us to visit your church when we come back out! I told her we would try to drive up there this September (that’s when we come out next). I’d love to introduce her to everyone!!

  2. Please tell Rosie that more people probably know her than any of the other family members because she is so open and welcoming to everyone. God has blessed her with gifts that she uses every day. Please wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Praying for her and all of you!

    • Thanks Kathie! She has always been our little welcoming committee. I told her you wished her Happy Birthday and she remembered right away who you were!!

  3. Teach her the song “VICTORY IN JESUS”, and how she can have victory in Jesus over the negative thinking. And that Jesus made her just like she is, but He also delights in making the weak strong. The new replaces the old, in Jesus.

  4. Happy Birthday, Rosie!!!!!
    You are a speacial, beautiful girl! God has big things planned for your life!!
    I had so much fun getting to know you and your family in October! Hope to see you soon!

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