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Haiti 2012 or Bust…

Well folks we’ve nearly finished packing our 18 bags!  It’s time to head home to Haiti and we couldn’t be more ready! We have truly enjoyed our time in the states! It’s been so encouraging! We’ve been able to really fellowship with our friends and family over the holidays!

It’s been a ton of fun but we miss our beds, our staff, and our lovely Mole people!

Tuesday we head to Miami where we will connect with Miss Beth! Then we will meet up with Sam Guilliams & John Black on Wednesday and head to the Mole together!

With 9 carry-ons, 9 backpacks, and 1 puppy  – it seems like the easiest thing to do would be to sleep in the airport and avoid toting everything to a hotel and re-checking through security again! We land at 9:30pm and our flight to Haiti is at 7:30am Wednesday! The kids have their pillow pets and we’ve packed a few blankets! It will either be the wisest thing we’ve done  – or the craziest! I’m leaning more towards crazy!

As always we appreciate your prayers as we adventure back home! Please remember to pray for us Tuesday/Wednesday! You should probably pray for those seated next to us…. and anyone else in the airport late Tuesday night!