We Are Home!

The Adventure Home:

Tuesday afternoon we loaded up the van with all our luggage and headed to Cincinnati! We flew on a direct flight to Miami! Everyone including the puppy was great on the flight!

We landed at 8:30pm. Our next flight was at 7:30am. That meant we had an 11-hour layover in the airport!

I must say that the first few hours were a little hectic! The girls were hungry and constantly needing to go to the bathroom, the puppy wanted to roam, Gabriel wanted to get out all his toys, and the babies wanted to climb on all the chairs. We were definitely outnumbered! As we got closer to 10pm we laid out a few blankets and told the kids they weren’t allowed to leave the area! The boys definitely struggled at first!

Miss Beth showed up around 11pm and the kids were so excited to see her!

Momma Gigi was tired and she decided to lay down with the boys. It wasn’t long and they were all asleep…..all but Gabriel! It was about 2am before he finally closed his eyes!

Miss Beth and I spent most of the night talking. It was hard to sleep with all the announcements on the intercom! Jose put his headphones on and watched a movie. Soon enough it was morning! We met Sam at the gate and then flew to Haiti together!

We met up with John Black, Pierre, and Nene in Port-au-Prince. After a little shopping –  we headed to the Mole! We received a warm welcome by all the staff! The twins immediately went to Mme Nene, Gabe went right to Bena, and Sophie was a great surprise!


Sam, Jose, John, Bena, Jocelyn, & Pierre have gone out every single day visiting villages so we can set up Neighbor Projects. Neighbor Projects allow for teams/churches to partner with specific villages and provide basic needs. There’s a ton of information about how your community can connect with a community here. If you’re ever interested in that information – please send me an email and I’ll forward it along.

Sophie has been quite the little handful! I told Jose she was more work than a baby! She doesn’t like for us to leave her at all, we’re constantly taking things out of her mouth that could choke her, and she’s not quite potty trained! The Haitians all love her and were shocked by her size!

The girls have already held their first VBS and will start school tomorrow!


John Black is the mission’s Media Director and takes AMAZING photos! This was his first trip to the Mole! Here are some of his pictures…

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  1. I look at the challenge of getting back and forth from Mole to States with your whole crew and you and Jose amaze me. What a challenge and what an adventurous life God has led u into. You are inspiring.

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