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Our Ministry Machine Will Be Here Soon!

Last year I had a fundraising campaign for a Utility Vehicle that we could use to do ministry, medical clinics, &  emergencies! I am happy to report the vehicle is sitting in our Indianapolis Warehouse and will be shipped on the next container! I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it!

I have already been meeting with our Haitian ladies discussing which villages we want to focus our ministry on. We know how important it is as ladies/wives/mothers to be in the Word. We want to help other surrounding communities begin women’s bible studies! We want to train community leaders to take their local ladies into a deeper relationship with Christ!

This Ministry Machine will also allow me to host small medical clinics up in the mountains! These people must walk 6-10 hours just to find medical care. I cannot wait to reach out to them!

This will be just the first of many ministries that this machine will facilitate!

We appreciate your support and helping us make this purchase possible!

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