Sleep Walkers…

So it’s 11:50pm right now and I decided to check on the kids. Since Gigi only sleeps a few hours a night – she sleeps by herself! I went to check on her and made sure she was dry!

The other 6 kids sleep together right next to our room. At this point I only have a flashlight and it’s dark! Now the boys were all together on the floor and the girls were all together in their bed at 9pm.

So I look down at the boys’ bed….and I count 3 people.

I look over at the girls’ bed and count 2 people…

So I’m missing one but at that point it’s still too dark to see which one. They have a tent in their room. I look in the tent and I don’t see anyone in there. For a brief moment my heart skips a beat! I’m thinking that one of the babies has walked outside the house! (They have figured out how to unlock our front door).

So I call for Jose to come here. And he looks around the room for a moment and then flashes his light BEHIND the tent….

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  1. so cute and having experienced your home first hand I can so see this! thanks for sharing. Please give those babies a hug. i still have pink polish on my toes from my spa treatment at your house!

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