Month: August 2012

This Is Love/This Is Hate…

******** Daniel 2:22
 He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him. This summer God revealed 4 major stories of abuse. We asked for God to expose the darkness and He did in major ways. We are still processing some […]

Holiday Road….

I found out long ago. It’s a long way down the holiday road… Well we certainly felt like the Griswold family traveling across country – – but we didn’t have near their drama! 🙂 We spent last week traveling to Kansas where we spent 4 days with our amazing […]

For Real…

Smile. Wave. All is great! Not too bad. Thanks for asking! For those of us in ministry it can often feel like we’re on a stage! Keep eyes wide open – smile! Don’t show struggle. Don’t show too much emotion. Empty your cup. Empty your cup. (What there’s […]

Finding My Words…

Hmm…. It might seem impossible that this girl could ever struggle to find words! Especially once I’ve taken my purple energy pill –  washed down by a 5hr energy shot! HA! (Those who were in the Mole this summer know all too well how wound up I get […]