We are SO happy to end this 2-day adventure in our own beds!

We started on Thursday at 12:30pm! We were so blessed to have Diane Cornelius (The Wedding Lady) ride with us to Cincinnati so she could drive our van home!

We met up with Erica Shaw who will be interning with us this fall! We are super excited to have our first fall intern! She will be teaching our sewing class, teaching our preschool-age orphans, & teaching Children’s Church! We are so thrilled to have her!

We arrived in Miami at 8:30pm where we hung out at the gate until our 6am flight! The boys were WILD! It took us forever to get the twins to sleep at the gate! I managed to get some work done and catch-up on some reading! 🙂

The kids slept on the plane and our bags were the first ones in baggage claim! We moved right on out the door and on to the little airport. We were supposed to leave for the Mole at 10am. We didn’t leave until 1pm!  The boys entertained themselves by letting the dog loose in the airport and sneaking outside by the planes! (WHERE are their parents, right?)

We had a staff meeting planned at 2pm! So we were welcomed by our ENTIRE staff when we arrived. We spent 4 hours this afternoon sharing our hearts & visions about how to lead our church/ministry this fall. Please pray for us as we seek His face!

Isebelle can now hold her own bottle and is crawling!! SO MUCH GROWING-UP IN JUST 5 WEEKS!  She took a little while to warm up to our crazy clan! I think we overwhelmed her – go figure!?! Tonight I got to snuggle up to her just before she fell asleep (40 minutes ago).

Gigi has been following Gabriel around throwing her light-up ball at his head! She must remember something from the last time he was here!  She’s been bouncing on our bed the last hour! I think she’s excited to see all the life in the house!

My kids got to meet our newest orphans tonight! The orphans were SO excited to see them!  They are already great friends! We could just hang out with them all night!

Exhausting but GREAT day! Thanks for the prayers! God is SO good to us!


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