Merry Monday…

What an AMAZING DAY!! I just want to thank the Lord for giving me today! Most people don’t look forward to Mondays – but I think it might be my new favorite day!

Everyone knows I’m not a morning person! I’m a night owl! But this morning for no particular reason I woke up at 6:30am! (I know most of you are probably up by 5am but I don’t usually go to bed until 2am!)

The generator/solar was out. So there wasn’t any electricity! Erica, Miss Beth, and I have started doing a Bible Study together – JAMES by Beth Moore! So I used this time to dive into my homework for that day.

Thirty minutes later and there is still no power and I cannot sleep! So I read another chapter from Praying Circles Around Your Children!

Twenty minutes later and still no power and I cannot sleep! So I started reading JUMP – Life Transformation by Jeff Baird – a Pastor from Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. Back in August I was able to meet with him and discuss the abuse issues here in the Mole.  Unfortunately there’s been so much drama here I haven’t had the chance to dive into it like I had hoped! WOW – I could barely put it down!

Forty minutes later and still no power and I cannot sleep! I feel like I’ve read just about everything I can read! HA!  It’s hot but I’m glad I didn’t have power all morning! I might have been tempted to hang out on facebook or check my email – and I would have lost this quiet time with God!

I had a few phone calls to make this morning and then I got the pleasure of giving away 3 donkeys to 3 families who desperately needed them!  To read about it click here –

I had clinic this afternoon. Typically I run a pediatric clinic. But with all the adult medication I now have – I opened it up to everyone! I had 5 precious granmoun come into my clinic today! All of them had blood pressure issues and were dizzy. I actually had blood pressure medication in my clinic for the first time! I know I was helping them – but I was also healing my own soul.

So I have all of this equipment now  – tests and machines that our last medical team left! I haven’t had the chance to use it! So I had Miss Beth come down so she could be my lab rat!! HA! HA!

She has been feeling under the weather so we decided to do a full work-up! Well that was the plan!  I haven’t had any equipment to do any lab work and I haven’t stuck someone in probably 5 years when we were living in St. Louis.

It took us almost an hour to understand how to test for mono!! You should have seen us trying to read the directions!!!

Then we had trouble using the lancets to poke her finger!! Thank goodness she is a good sport! I had to stick her twice because the little contraption wouldn’t work at first!! I felt like we were Lucy and Ethel!

This afternoon we went on to Haitian Women’s Bible Study. So Beth, Erica, Angela (a team member), and myself headed to the church! Before our recent drama  – our class had dropped to 5 or 6 people because many of the ladies had issues with the Pastor’s wife.  Since her dismissal  – we had 70 ladies at our Women’s Conference and 24-30 showing up regularly for our weekly meetings!

Today we got so caught-up in the Word and discussing how we would be moving forward that we ended up meeting an extra 30 minutes! We spent time praying for each other! We spent time talking about what we want for our class! We sang, prayed, and laughed! WOW – I have really missed that! The last few weeks I have wondered if I would ever be able to laugh with our ladies again!

Kathie has been with us the last two weeks and EVERYBODY knows she rocks-out the kitchen! We came back home to the tenderest cut of roast beef & no-bake cookies!!

Tonight we read to the kids and we end that time having them repeat a prayer! It’s not only important to pray over them – but to also TEACH THEM how to pray!

Jose and I take turns pulling each of them out of their room and praying for them individually! It’s very interesting to pray for the boys. Tonight I asked Asher what he wants me to pray for – and I quote – “Pray that I will quit poopin’ in my diaper because I’m tired of the smell!”  I couldn’t agree more!

I am SO grateful for this beautiful day – full of quiet time in His presence, the blessings of giving to those in need, laughter and healing in the clinic, and the purest joy meeting with my Haitian ladies!

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