He Is Able!

My Victory Is In JESUS! We all will be heading to the States on Thursday 🙂 
Yesterday we managed to do what seemed like the impossible – getting two of the most highly esteemed judges of the entire northwest to sign off on our paperwork! They “happened” to be friends with my dad! They dropped everything just to help us! Folks told us it can take months to even reach 1 of the judges but we reached both in 1 day!
We felt really great about our miracle yesterday. So imagine our shock and tears today when we learned that our efforts were for nothing. It seemed like no matter what we said – no matter what papers we had – it just wasn’t enough. They did NOT want to help us. It felt like a very personal attack against us. We poured out everything we had and nothing or no one seemed to care!
It was 7pm and we had learned despite our best efforts – they were not going to approve Mikela & Rosie to travel to the states ANYMORE. We had been in tears off and on all day long just trying to wrap our minds around this whole mess. We began to make plans to return to the Mole in the morning. After being asked 100 times today if we were going to the states – it was time to tell the kids the news.
We were just getting ready for a family meeting when there was a knock on my door. Jesus LITERALLY opened the door for my family!  One of the men from the social services office WAS AT MY DOOR. In his hand were signed papers allowing Rosie & Mikela permission to travel with us on Thursday!
Seriously?? Am I in a movie? A knock on my door at the hotel? Seriously?  Real legit papers?  The undeniable favor of God?  Angels!  It was angels!  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you Jesus! So we gathered the children on the couch and broke the exciting news….. 


“Jody and Jose, how does your garden grow –  with Gigi, Malaya, Mikela, Rosie, Gabe, Asher, Levi, Isebelle and lots of blessings– all in a row :)”

Jose and I have always known we had a complicated family. We are growing a family that is definitely unique. As each of our little sprouts take shape, we see that God has a call upon each of their lives. No disability, abuse, or birthright has ever came between us and our children—until this past week. There was a weed that started to grow in our beautiful garden.

We’ve had weeds grow before—issues with passports, visas, living in Haiti, living in America, transportation, and everything else that comes with raising a family. These little dandelion flowers have been distractions at best.  However, this new weed was ugly and strong and began to choke our family.

While we are praising the Lord for providing DIVINE PROVIDENCE in eradicating this monster from our midst, the deep crevice of innocence lost and distrust among our children will also take the Master Gardener to refill with His nurturing love.

Our hope is in the Lord. Upon the saving grace of Jesus, we are raising our family.  We believe that through His blood, the sacrifice of His servants, and no less than a miracle, has led to our family being able to experience this victory. Please be in prayer as we begin to rebuild the hearts of Rosie and Mikela –  and teach all our children about a Divine love that is abiding and unending.

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  1. WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! We are praising God with you and I’m adding you to my “wonder list” tonight!!

  2. Hi Jody, just caught up on your posts since you went back in in late August. Glad things worked out so the family could be together for the holidays. I’ll be praying for safe travels. I’ll call Rosie soon. Tell all hello from me and that I send my love as well. Laura

  3. I am always (lack of faith here) blown away when God shows us that He is all powerful. So happy for you guys and praising God.

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