Month: February 2013

House Update – (Quack)

I want to thank everyone for their gifts of love & support & encouragement! It’s been a rough 2013 – which I’m still claiming for Jesus! The church has been rocking it out! We have been using a small generator and have a band playing every Sunday with […]

Stepped Up To the Challenge…

Stepped Up to the Challenge Posted on February 12, 2013 by coachin4christ               Yesterday I woke up with a slight fever, a headache that made my hair hurt and overwhelming fatigue that  I  knew teaching school was out of the question for this “gran moun”. I didn’t want to cancel class and […]

Successful Surgery…

I just waned to thank everyone for their prayers & support over the last few weeks. They were SO needed. I felt the scriptures that so many emailed me – the prayers for healing, the prayers of encouragement, the prayers of peace, the prayers of endurance  – – […]