Reunited And It Feels So Good…(sort of)

It’s been almost a month since I’ve seen my babies! Jose & I left January 29th with Janeil to help him with some work on the St. Louis campus and within a week I was flying out for emergency gallbladder surgery.

My momma has been the best nurse and has really taken care of me these past 3 weeks. I am blessed to have a momma like mine. I always said she’d make a good nurse. She makes me laugh even when it hurts and checks on me all night long!

I am SO grateful for the prayer warriors out there – (I think)!

I had so many people pray that they would find what was causing me so much pain….and in that process not only did they remove a rotting gallbladder  – but they also found a UTI, E-coli, & two other parasites! I had lots of bruising & internal bleeding with the surgery – a little more so than average. I told the doctor that’s because I’m a little above average in general! 🙂

I’ve been on 5 different antibiotics now…..seems like there should be one that just kills everything but apparently I start one antibiotic….and it’s resistant to E-coli –  and then they find another parasite which the new antibiotic is resistant to –  so I start another one – and the game goes on and on!

So let’s quit praying they find more things for awhile!! 🙂

I have been extremely weak these past few days! All of these medicines have side effects that are almost worst than the parasites.  But they do take away your appetite COMPLETELY. So I went about a week without eating which honestly once I lost my appetite I thought this would be a great weight-loss program.  I may make a workout song – Baby Got BACK- TERIA!

Mom and I prayed about whether or not we should start heading back to Haiti…the doctor was very reluctant to release me. I’m pretty convincing though! We flew stand-by on buddy passes. By the time we got to Chicago we realized that we should have stayed out a few more days.

I could barely make it to the gate. The flights were full and so we went from flight to flight hoping to get a seat  – and the gates were spread out.  So it definitely was eye-opening…. Kelly Clarkson totally lied – – What Doesn’t Kill You Does NOT Necessarily Make You Stronger.

It took us 2 full days to fly into Haiti. My plan was to fly to the St. Louis campus where Jose was waiting for me as we had some work to do there (that I didn’t get to do earlier because I was so sick). We nixed that plan in Chicago once I saw how weak and sore I still was.

My loving husband who took a truck 6 hours to St. Louis on Friday (to meet me) then took a 6 hour bus ride on Sunday to meet me in PAP. His bus kept breaking down and it took him 12 hours to get there. I think he’s just as sore as I am! LOVE THAT MAN!!!

Even though we probably should have waited a few more days…..seeing my family & friends – – the healing has already begun! Laying in bed with my sweeties – we made the right decision!

So thanks for the prayers! I am FINALLY HOME!  Loving all the hugs….even though they hurt just a little bit!


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  1. I love that you are home with your babies! They definitely missed you! I was sad that I missed you while I was in but I think we accomplished everything you had hoped! Take care of yourself and fully recover, you’ve got a lot of folks praying you well!!

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