Playing House…

Today we went to the property with sidewalk chalk to outline the rooms so the kids could imagine what our home would look like! The panels/walls should be headed this way in the next few days! YEAH!

They were SO excited as we began to draw the outline of their rooms!  The boys were running all over! They told me that we don’t even need walls just to leave it all open like that!  It really felt like home….Asher was already telling Gabe to stay out of his room!

We pretended it was night-time and we all laid down where our beds would be! It was funny listening to Gabe tell everyone to be quiet so he could sleep! I have a feeling with wooden walls – we’ll all be yelling “shhh…..” just like Papaw does!

The kids cannot wait to move….neither can we! I love the fact that we are right there by the church, orphanage, employee homes, school, clinic, etc.  It will still be important to walk through the town though….we never want to lose touch with the community! I love that the boys who desperately need a safe place to rip and run – will finally have a huge area to play in. At least if they jump on our neighbor’s beds this time – it will be our own Mission Staff!

The children enjoyed playing so much today that they didn’t want to leave when we were done drawing everything out! Mikela said, “We’re using our imagination and we’re not done thinking”!

The kids pretended to have class where their school would be! Finally  there’s a place big enough for 6 little kids to learn. Asher and Levi just started going to school this week! I asked Levi how old he was and he told me GREEN! So they’re starting school just in time! 🙂

We drew out Miss Beth’s room & even got her to pretend she was laying in her bed in HER room! 🙂

It was a fun-filled family afternoon…playing house!

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