Happy To Be Home!

We are finally home after what felt like the LONGEST two-month furlough ever.  I have to say that these few months out produced the most drama of any furlough we’ve ever had.

Never A Dull Moment….just to name a few

Jose was having heart issues and while we were in Kansas for the Leadership Summit  – we spent one full day at the hospital while he did stress tests, EKG’s, etc.  A month later we get a letter saying that his liver function tests were highly abnormal. After more testing we realized he doesn’t have acute liver failure but a fatty liver that can be corrected with diet & exercise.

After our time in Kansas we drove to NY to spend the last few days with Jose’s sister – Nora who passed way August 14th of cancer. She was only 44 years old.  We still have a hard time coming to grips with this loss. It happened so fast. The children continue to pray for Nora’s husband and children every single day.

Rosie has Profound Developmental Delay and Sensory Integration Disorder. She was also diagnosed this trip out with anxiety. She is now on daily medication for that.

Malaya has been complaining of pain over her liver. After visiting several doctors, x-rays, ultrasounds, and lab work – she was started on medicine. If the meds don’t work after a few weeks  – they will need to do an upper GI scope.

After a crazy summer of being in and out of the hospital – I managed to spend these past two months – in and out of the doctor’s office again. I had 4 moles removed and was diagnosed with stage 1 Melanoma.

I also managed to throw my back out and have spent the last few weeks in severe pain because of a bulging disc. I’m on medications for that now but I’m still in quite a bit of pain. If it’s not better within the next 10 days or so – I could be looking at surgery.

When we landed in PAP Tuesday – before we even got out of the Airport – Asher managed to fall and bust his chin and needed stitches– with blood running down his shirt and all over baggage claim.


These last few months have been filled with tears, laughter, joy, stress, anxiety, sadness, and lots of memories! With so much going on  – we are worn out!

We were able to go to the Catalyst Conference this year like we do every year. There’s no better way to end a stressful time out than worshiping Jesus with 10,000 other leaders.

We are excited about being home in the Mole – and having our first Christmas here this year! We spent most of our Christmases in Haiti when we lived on the St. Louis campus but was waiting for our home to be built before we had our Christmas in the Mole! I’m sure I’ll have the tree up and everything decorated by Halloween!

It’s our goal to not have any emergencies between now and April 1st – which is our next scheduled trip to the states.

But as we all know….. There’s Never A Dull Moment in this family.

Here are some pictures from our past trip out! Even though our lives were hectic – the kids still had a wonderful time with all their American friends!

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  1. Glad you made it back to Haiti. Thanks for the update. The photos are great. Your baby isn’t a baby anymore:( I love the photo of her mimicking the boys making faces. Give my love to all, Laura

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