What Came First – The Chicken Or The Egg?

This past Friday – MAF came to the Mole to pick up a short-term missionary team. We asked them if they wouldn’t mind bringing some cargo on that flight. They happily agreed! 🙂

So now our campus has 20 chickens! We bought the chickens in Port-au-Prince from Haiti Broilers. They are Jamaican chickens raised in Haiti. We have tried to do chicken farms here before but we couldn’t keep them alive long enough. You will not find chickens in the market here. There’s no place to buy them within an hour drive. There must be something about our soil here that keeps them from thriving.  The ones from Jamaica –  however –  do really well in the Mole.

We bought 30 chickens/roosters in January but apparently we didn’t buy the ones that lay eggs. Which begs the question – what came first – because those chickens don’t lay eggs! We bought the kind of chickens that get really fat and look like they belong at KFC! The Haitians were just as happy to have those too!

These new chickens are totally different. When they are full grown they will each lay an egg every day for at least 3 years. So far we are collecting about 11 eggs daily and that number keeps growing. We are giving all the eggs to the orphanage. It costs about 60 Haitian dollars for a carton of eggs. Our chickens will be able to provide that every day for free!

Gabriel loves to go with Jose to collect the eggs! He’s funny because he always wants to pick up the chicken to see if there’s an egg under there. Today he literally scared the egg out of one! LOL! The chicken dropped it mid-air as Gabriel was lifting her. Luckily it didn’t break! 🙂

I love that my boys enjoy farming and that we are able to teach them how to take care of animals! All of the kids on campus get SO excited over each & every egg! Now if only they would be that excited about their homework!




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