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The Mole Summer 2014 Quote Book

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This summer because we did not have many teams we spent a lot of time hanging out with the Castillo kids whether it was just at meal time, our secret project, movie night, or activity days. While we hung out with them there were many times that what they said had us laughing till our sides hurt. Since this was my third summer, it was also fun and crazy to realize just how much they are all growing up even though some days when they were in mischievous moods it didn’t seem like it. I present to you:

The Mole Summer 2014 Quote Book

Asher- “How are you already done eating?”
Gabe-“Cause I’m a hungry man.”

Mikayla-“Quit screaming, Malaya.”
Malaya-“I’m not screaming.”
Mikayla-“Oh, maybe I am.”

While playing the alphabet game on our way to the Mole.
Rosie- “Let’s go through the alphabet with furniture.”

Miss Beth- Jesus is standing right here in this room
Rosie- Yeah, He can hear everything that you are saying!
Mikayla- -burps-
Rosie- Yeah He can hear that too!

Morgan-We need to sew pockets into all of our skirts
Emily-Yeah I just need one pocket for my phone
Miss Beth-That’s why I wear nurse shirts
Patrick- Also we need shirts with strings so that we can tie on a sombrero!

Emily-A donkey just left the orphanage

Morgan- Do you want a peanut butter cracker
-no one responds-
Morgan- There’s only two ants per cracker!
Emily-Well, then there is four ants because there are two crackers in a sandwich.

Mikela-Gabe, stop licking your plate! You don’t know what’s been on there.
Miss Beth- Well, hopefully nothing too awful because we all just ate off of these plates.

Mikela- I have three different laughs, an American laugh, a Haitian laugh, and a donkey laugh.

Mikela- Everyone has their own chicken. If you have a chicken then you are one of the cool kids.
Mikela-Everyone on campus has a chicken and a nickname it is so cool.
In the states you are popular if you have a phone, a car, and your parents let you do whatever you want. Here, you are popular if you have a nickname, a chicken, and people don’t even have to like you.
Mikela-When I walk through town everyone calls my name. even my enemies call my name.

While Miss Beth and Emily were talking about the many funerals we had one week.
Mikela- We need to be telling more people about Jesus because people are leaving this earth quick.

As we pulled away from the Mole.
Asher- Don’t forget to brush your teeth!

As you can see these kids are pretty hilarious and I cannot wait to see them again in December.

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