Children’s Church – Lion’s Den

It was another great Sunday morning! Though church isn’t supposed to start until 9:30am – the children were there at 9am – ready to learn! LOVE THAT!

The first thing we did was take attendance & go over last week’s & this week’s memory verses! It still amazes me when I see 4 year olds spit out 5-sentence long scriptures…. like babies spit out carrots. My boys have a lot to learn although Asher could almost say the whole thing IN CREOLE!!

To work out those wiggles – we did Jesus Aerobics and practiced our song BIG HOUSE with all the motions! We even had the adult ladies dancing and doing the motions too! It was pretty cute!

I had the children sit in a big circle and Pierre read to them the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den. The kids were very attentive. They knew all the answers to the questions.

While sitting in the circle we taught them a game similar to paper/rock/scissor. You could be the Emperor (make the motion you’re wearing a crown), you could be Daniel (making the motion of praying), or you could be the lion (making the motion of cat ready to pounce). So two people stand-up back to back. You count to three and they have to make the motion of the person they want to be.

King beat Daniel – Daniel beat Lion – Lion beat King.

The kids LOVED this game.  As children began to “lose” they were sent over to the picnic tables where we could work on their craft. We made lion masks. I had cut out all the pieces but they needed to be glued on. So my lovely daughters went around with the glue. In order to keep the kids from getting out of control – we had them going over the memory verse while we were gluing!

Then when their masks were finished they got into a line. They were going to show everyone who has ALL the power. So they danced around the campus telling everyone “God is more powerful than a lion and we don’t have to be afraid!”

We were so busy we didn’t even get to the coloring sheets I had printed.

One of the things that bothered me last week was during our popcorn game. They stood in lines and threw popcorn in each other’s mouth. But they always missed until they got closer to each other. The object of the game was that we can do things the hard way or we can come closer to Christ and do it the easy way.

When the game was over – though the missed popcorn had been stomped on – the kids were picking it up off the dirty floor eating it. 

I live in Haiti and yet sometimes I forget where I’m at. I hope i never get “used to” eyes full of hunger. When church was over last week the girls came to me and said that it really broke their heart to see the kids eat that dirty popcorn. I asked them what can we do about it? Rosie suggested we should pray about it first.

On Saturday night we were cutting out all the parts of the lion’s face for the kids to glue for the next day. Malaya asked if SHE could BUY popcorn for children’s church using her own money.

I love doing ministry alongside my children – and I love to see the places and ways that God exposes and enlightens their hearts!

So we ended church with Veggie Tales – Daniel & the Lion’s Den – and all the kids got a bag of popcorn which was devoured within 5 minutes…..

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