Happy New Year!

Wow! What a way to end December! This has definitely been our most active month of ministry as a staff.  I have blogged most of our activities on the molehaiti.org blog. Be sure to check it out!

Because of your support – we’ve been able to provide so many opportunities for people to hear about & receive Jesus! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! I LOVE to do special things for my Haitian brothers and sisters and we’ve totally bombarded them with an outpouring of love these past several weeks!

Yesterday morning we hosted the Mole Orphan Christmas Party and last night we had our New Year’s Eve Cookout! We finished the night by shooting off 10 minutes worth of fireworks with a campus full of kids and adults – and two American teams! I loved seeing Mme Nene and Momma Gigi with their blow-horns dancing to their house last night!

Our kitchen staff has been working hard the last two days in preparation for our New Year’s Day Feeding! We provided 600 bowls of pumpkin soup in Preskul, Karenage, & Mole today! What a wonderful way to begin the New Year – by providing hundreds of people with this special soup on their Independence Day!

I have some of the most amazing staff that I serve alongside here in Haiti. When I think about this past year – all the good – – and there were definitely some amazing moments……. and even the bad……moments of pure heartache & pain – – – -our staff always rallied together as a family.

Tonight I’m SO thankful for ALL the family God has placed in my life!

Here are a few pictures and video -as we got ready to shoot off the fireworks…. Isebelle is the one singing on the mic.

Please check out the molehaiti.org blog to see the Orphan Christmas Party & more pictures from tonight’s services!

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