December 2015 Recap….

I just realized that I’ve been doing most of my blogging on our ministry website and not my personal one! It’s been a busy month already!

Here’s a few links from our ministry blog:



Jody Owen Castillo with Jose Alexander Castillo.

December 2 at 5:00pm ·

This morning Malaya & Gabriel made Jose breakfast! They cooked bacon & the cheesiest omelet you’ve ever seen! I seriously think they put a pound of cheese in there! smile emoticon

We have a white chocolate double-layer birthday cake for him too. The kids decorated it!




Jody Owen Castillo

December 6 at 9:58pm ·

Whoa! You sure know how to make someone feel special on their birthday! With the quirkiness of the internet – it was so much fun to watch the comments randomly pop up! My life is certainly enriched by you all!

I share my birthday with the most amazing mother Diana Owen! She not only made me – but she helped form the woman I am today. She sets the bar pretty high when it comes to being a Godly momma & wife!

Today is also the birthday of Mole St Nicolas! I like to think there’s thousands of people in town today for me – but deep down I know the truth. Deep deep down.  

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a fantastic & fabulous day!


Jody Owen Castillo updated her cover photo.

Sending you WARM Wishes & a Merry Christmas!



After a day at the beach it’s Double Feature Movie Night!

Tomorrow morning we will divide everyone up into 4 groups before breakfast. Just like at camp the team that makes the best line or circle will get to eat first.

Then we have crab-walk soccer and a line-dancing competition tomorrow.



Jody Owen Castillo

December 12 at 10:04am ·

While waiting to play crab soccer – we pumped up the music and did some dancing with the girls! SO proud of Malaya for leading! All year we’ve tried to get her to dance in front of people but she won’t!

We are breaking down the kids tonight by age and teaching them dances. Then each group will compete to see who can do it the best. Winners get prizes!

Malaya is teaching Cotton Eye Joe to the 14-17 year olds tonight.



One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong…..and yet they are all alike!



Just finished our dance competition! GOD BLESS Susan Mary O’StranderBeth Lockwood, & Malaya who rocked it with every group all the way until the end!!! I don’t think anybody can walk now – but those kids had a blast! smile emoticon

I thought for sure the kids would be ready for bed but they’re watching Home Alone right now & telling us they still want the 2nd movie!

I’m going to upload some video & pictures tonight to the blog….but here are a few for you to enjoy! smile emoticon There are 3 photos with 3 girls in each one. They are the top 3 winners for their age group.



Who knew you could get hot stone massages in Haiti? Guess I’ll have to get in line with everyone else.



That’s right! The 2 Christmas crates & pallet of large Christmas displays just arrived in the Mole! Jose, Asher, & I packed these up the last week of October in Georgia- and they finally arrived just in time for Christmas! I am SO excited we will now have the industrial popcorn maker…. especially since 10 Nights of Christmas Movies begin Tuesday!

The items we packed in Kentucky are now in Miami. My parents had to order a 53-foot container to take theirs/ours supplies down there! We couldn’t fit it all in our normal uhaul! Talk about God providing!! WOW!



We started off with 120 people and right when we thought we had enough popcorn made – it jumped to 200!! Good thing we had our new popcorn machine so we could quickly crank it out!

It was a very successful 2nd Movie Night. We showed the Christmas Story. Love to hear the laughter and see the joy of so many in our community! ‪#‎haiti‬‪#‎10nightsofchristmasmovies‬



Tonight’s feature film was Mr Bean’s Holiday! It was another successful evening with around 200 folks! They REALLY loved this movie! I’m so happy that we are able to offer this community something fun to look forward to!

The staff was telling me about a helicopter that passed by here a few days ago. When they saw all our Christmas lights they came right back and hovered over the property! ‪#‎haiti‬ ‪#‎10nightsofchristmasmovies‬



The team arrived late morning and by 1pm were already busy at work running an eye clinic. We also did crafts with 50 kids at 2pm.
Last night we showed Home Alone. Tonight we will show Home Alone 2 and pass out another bundle of clothes for each person that attends! #haiti#10nightsofchristmasmovies12391994_10153733199595758_7187669290847440465_n

We welcomed a team from K.C. this morning and they have jumped right into action. Seeing patients for eye clinic, sorting meds, playing soccer with our staff kids and this afternoon they did crafts with our kiddos. Fun with paint!!! #forHispurposeandglory#buildingrelationships #itsallaboutJesus 


1 hr ·

Table set for 40 people! Thanks to Cathryn Moyes Team and other generous supporters we were able to replace lost party supplies, presents, and food for our Staff Party!

Don’t trust that my boys won’t knock over our pretty glasses or other table settings so I’ll add the final touches Tuesday night right before dinner.

We will also reveal our Secret Kindness Partner at our party! Each person drew a name and had to do three acts of kindness without getting caught! If you guess correctly then you get a prize. If you guess wrong then the person who had your name wins! It’s a beautiful thing to watch and be apart of!  ‪#‎haiti

I really love to host and Malaya really loves to help. We make a great team. She’s already working on ways to decorate the chairs once we bring them over.

We are doing 10 nights of Christmas Movies so we can’t take them yet from the cafeteria. Tonight we showed Narnia and we had around 300 people attend!!

The kitchen staff have already started working on the food. Everyone is in a festive mood!


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