Not Your Typical Sunday Prayer Service…

My dad has been here for the past week building our Lab/Pharmacy. He led a special prayer service with some of our staff & church members on Sunday night. We know that we walk in darkness here – but we also know that we are Children of the Light. It’s important that we remind ourselves of that from time to time.

Dad talked about the fears that each child & each home may be struggling with right now. It’s not a coincidence that we found vacant land across the street from the cemetery. NOBODY wanted to live by it.

MANY people are afraid to walk by the cemetery at night. We have had to shift the times that our workers clock in/out AND adjust the timing of our evening programs – because no one wants to be near it when night falls.

There’s rumors that zombies walk across the street and onto our campus. There’s rumors that thousands of rats roam the area infected by the zombies and waiting to pass it on to us. There’s rumors that vultures fly over it waiting to capture people who pass by.

We were supposed to go from the prayer service right to the orphanage and pray. But APPARENTLY – the spirit led my dad in a different way.

After sharing the victories he has seen over his life-time … he decided to take a detour. Instead of walking right over to the orphanage – he led us across the street – INSIDE the cemetery – just as the sun was setting.

Not gonna lie – not everyone was ready to walk through those gates ….and many did not.

BUT FOR THOSE THAT DID – they faced that fear. They saw how peaceful it was – how there were no zombies walking around. We did NOT see a single rat either (which is kind of weird cuz there’s always a rat to be found if you look hard enough).

My dad wanted us to face that fear so that when we told our little ones not to be afraid – we could say we know first-hand. WE were there at night and the stories are NOT true.

In America, when your child is afraid, you look under their bed and say – “Don’t worry; there’s no monsters”.

In our experience – when this same thing happens here – the parents are just as afraid as the children are. And if you knew what darkness they have had to face – you’d know why their fears are very real.

The enemy wins when he can keep us afraid. But when you expose the lies…. then you advance His Kingdom. We had an unplanned, unexpected, God-inspired victory walk that night.

We are in a life and death spiritual battle here that’s raging like we’ve never seen before. Please pray that God will expose the darkness for what it is – and that others will believe and know…

Greater is He that is in us… than he that is in this world.

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  1. A wonderful story of victory! Praying God continue to give you boldness as you face the Giant.

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