Our New Play Therapy Room!

I am SO excited to announce that my Therapy Play Room is finally finished!

I’ve shared before that I’ve had many children come through my clinic as young as 7 years-old with sexually transmitted diseases. I’ve longed to have the knowledge and resources to do more than just offer an antibiotic for their physical ailments. I want to bring them a deeper kind of healing. I want to walk them through their trauma to the other side where there is hope.

I’ve spent the past 18 months training to become a Certified Trauma Professional. I’ve attended countless seminars, online classes, & been working closely alongside other trauma therapists… all of this in order to meet the needs of the children in our community who’ve been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused.


I’ve shared pictures/stories before of the sand therapy I’ve done with children on the beach. Through this play, we ask children to design “their worlds” using figurines/furniture.

So below I asked the child to re-create the last night when they were afraid. You can see through the play…the “zombies” that come into their room at night. The children are more likely to talk about what’s happening in their worlds when you do it through play. SO – Nene built me a sand table and I’ve got bins full of figurines & items to use now!

Though I know I won’t be able to help all of them…. I won’t always know the right response or how to process all of the difficult things they’ve endured…

What I do know – is that these children will have a safe place to come and a trusted person who will pray over them, listen to them, & remind them of their value. Please pray for daily wisdom as I begin to walk through this new journey of ministry.

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