Our 2019 – Summer Kickoff for Children’s Church!

Saturday night was the kick-off for our Circus-Themed Children’s Church Summer Program! (Now that’s a mouthful to say! LOL)

We started with 130 children (who actually came on time at 6pm)....and ended the evening with over 280 kids!


Our Objective: Kids will learn that the greatest decision they can make is to let Jesus guide and direct their lives.

Synopsis of our Theme: There’s nothing quite like the circus! The personalities and the acts under the big tent entertain us and leave us saying “Wow!” “Can you believe that!?”.

When we open God’s word, we can have a similar excitement as we read some of the amazing, interesting, and powerful stories throughout the Bible.

All these incredible stories help tell us more about God, who He is, and point us to the greatest man to ever walk this earth, Jesus.


Please be in prayer over these next 8 weeks.

Pray – that we can lead these sweet children into a personal relationship with Christ! That we can be a beacon of light… a source of hope… a resource for those who are lost and seeking… a Christ-centered secure place where every child feels welcomed, safe, acknowledged, seen, and loved.

Here are some pictures from our Saturday Night Kick-Off…



Here are a few pictures from today’s Children’s Church! Our lesson was about Daniel & the Lion’s Den.

The lion is one of the fiercest beasts in the entire world, and it takes skill to tame him. When Daniel was thrown into a den of hungry lions, he didn’t need any special lion-taming skills to stay safe. He simply trusted the power of God, the one who created lions!

We showed a video of a circus with animals who were nice and tame. Then we showed another video of lions attacking vehicles…just so they could understand how large these creatures are –  how hungry & scary they could be – and also how big this miracle truly was. Many had never seen a lion. Their minds couldn’t imagine what that night was like for Daniel.

S􏰞tanding up for God may􏰑 seem scary􏰑 at times􏰡. I􏰇 am sure Daniel 􏰢was q􏰣uite terrif􏰟ied as he 􏰢was led off􏰟􏰟 to 􏰟face the lions, but his f􏰟aith 􏰢was stronger than his 􏰟fear􏰡. God was strong enough to shut the mouths of the lions and save His servant Daniel. When we need strength, God will give that same strength to us as well. If we have faith even a fraction of Daniel’s, we can face any fear knowing that God is behind us!

Today they learned that God is mighty to save! 

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  1. What an amazing theme and purpose. And who came up with the terrific decorations?😉

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