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I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a family update! However, if you click on this link – molehaiti.org – it will take you to the blogs we just posted from this past weekend!  IT’S BEEN SO MUCH FUN CELEBRATING THIS HOLIDAY WITH THE SNIVLEYS!




I hope you were able to visit our ministry blog – which detailed Saturday’s party & Sunday morning’s Easter Service.  

Though Easter celebrations usually wrap-up by Sunday night – our festivities didn’t stop until Monday evening.

Our campus hasn’t done anything fun together since New Year’s Eve. So on Monday night, from 7pm-11pm – everyone on campus – adults/kids – came together for a relaxed evening of games, snacks, and egg hunts.

Malaya, Abbey, & Sharon decorated cookies for the party. We also filled 480 eggs with lights (for 2 rounds of egg hunts).

The evening started with a WORD-SEARCH game that we created on the computer. Anyone who could read/write and WANTED to play  – was given the puzzle. We then gave everyone 15 minutes to find as many words as they could. They LOVED this game so much! You’ll see in the pictures below how seriously they studied that sheet.

Cash prizes were given for the top 3 spots as expected. However, I also gave  a cash prize for the one who tried – but never found a single word!! One of the mommas in our children’s home stared at the paper for 15 minutes straight – and simply couldn’t find anything to circle. So she was awarded for her efforts! 

After we finished with the puzzles, we passed out the snacks and began the movie.  

Below are pictures from Monday Night’s Prep & Word-Search Competition


We stopped the movie after an hour and began the first egg hunt. Anyone under the age of 13 participated in this event. When the kids came back with their eggs, they were immediately handed big bags of candy. We then collected everything they just found- and hid them back in the yard again for round 2.  

After everyone had returned to their seats, we started the movie back-up. The adults were handed smaller bags of candy and everyone received a special cookie.

When the movie finished, the adults lined up for their egg hunt. Everyone was told to collect 16 eggs AND that candy is NOT the award this time. NOPE! This time, those eggs will be exchanged for Haitian money! 

There are 5 different colors of eggs: yellow, pink, blue, green, & orange.  Each egg color was worth a certain amount of money, but no one knew the value until the game was over.

For example: Every pink egg you find is worth $1.00. Every yellow egg you find is worth $3.00.  

So when the hunt was over, one by one they came forward with their bags so we could tally how much money they won! We have learned to make everything into a game or form of entertainment. Hunting eggs was great. However, I think they actually enjoyed watching everyone count up their totals even more!  

Below are pictures from our 2 Egg Hunts – Kids & Adults

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