You’ve Got Talent!!!

Every year we have 2 major Children’s Church Themes – one in the spring & one in the fall. We have the ONLY children’s church ministry in our area. Just like our campus is well- known for it’s festive Christmas Season – our children’s church program is very popular and the “talk of the town” as well. 

Our last theme was  a Game Board Series. Each week, we introduced a classic game (Sorry, Battleship, Candyland, Checkers, Clue, etc). The object/rules of those games were used to share a Bible story — which created a fun  – interactive – and rememberable lesson every single Sunday.

This summer’s Children’s Church Theme is called – YOU’VE GOT TALENT! 

Below is a screen shot of the Series’ Overview! 

Most people don’t realize all the planning & work that is required for this program. The reason why we go so “BIG” – is because for most children, this is the only platform they have to learn about Jesus. If they do attend other local Church services, this is the only resource completely designed with their age in mind. 

We started preparing for this theme back in December. As we began putting away our red curtains, red tablecloths, and other various red decorations… we immediately set them aside and labeled them for this theme.

We had Tom & Sharon Snivley bring in several decorations when they arrived in April – and our family ALSO brought back supplies from our recent trip to the states!

Even still….many of the supplies we wanted were too bulky for suitcases and instead were sent to FLORIDA so that MFI could fly them into Haiti. It typically takes 2-4 weeks to receive supplies from MFI. There is a weekly flight into Haiti and then customs opens every box and taxes all the items. After it clears customs, we then have to find a bus coming to the Mole, which is a 12-hour drive! With Haiti’s political crisis, the roads are often blocked. 

We ordered our supplies for this theme back in February  – HOWEVER – the majority of them just arrived this past weekend!

We didn’t want to miss out on decorating for Sunday- so we pulled an all nighter! We started setting up at 6pm on Saturday and continued non-stop until 1:15am. (We still had more decorations for the tables, but decided to add them next week since we were exhausted!)

In July, we will be hosting an actual Talent Competition! The kids have been practicing their “acts” in preparation for this big community event! We will invite all of their parents & passout awards to all the winners!

This has been such a FUN theme for everyone! The kids love sitting in the middle of all the glitz and glam – while they learn about the most famous and talented King of Kings!

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  1. Oh Jody! Who else would do all the glitz and glam? You are the best and make everything so special for the kids!❤️

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