Mission Stories

Ashes To Ashes…

Tonight, my family sat around the tree we planted in Lori’s memory – discussing our favorite memories.

***This is actually the 2nd tree – the first tree died. Typical… my sister is full of drama! Now you know where I get it from! 😉

This tree was planted in it’s place this past month. It’s like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. 🎄

My friend/therapist – Joan- came tonight to lead our little service. She spent several hours helping our family grieve & remember the best parts of my sister.

Kelly Green is the color that represents Gallbladder Cancer. Each of us tied a green bow on the tree.

But before the service concluded… in order to make this “her” tree…. Jose dug around the roots.

I then placed my hands in a tin full of her ashes – so I could spread them with the soil and tree roots.

As I held bits of her bones and even a staple from a previous surgery she had…. I couldn’t help but wish I was holding her earthly body. How she would laugh that she’s finally at her “goal weight” 😂😭

What I would give for one last touch of her hand.

Until we meet again…

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  1. Did Lori pass away on July 20th. If so, that is my birthday, born 7-20-1944, I hope & pray that her memories will continue to bring peace to your hearts. My husband lost his oldest brother when he was only 38 & on Saturday Larry will turn 84. Praise the Lord for that. We’ll be married 59 years this Aug. I will long treasure the memories of serving in St. Louis du Nord some years back. It was a real blessing.

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