It’s Beginning to Feel More Like Christmas…




Our campus generator has been out of commission since Thanksgiving night. My parents lent us their portable generator & we were able to pick it up from Port-de-Paix last week. It’s just big enough to keep our fridges on and charge our electronics. We can also roll it over to the church – so that we can move forward with some of our planned activities (on a much smaller scale).

So although we aren’t able to do 10 Nights of Christmas Movies on the basketball court, we have done 2 Friday night movies in the church. It’s a much smaller crowd with only 300-400 kids. We give each child a bag of popcorn along with a raffle ticket when they arrive.

At the end of each movie, we call 20-25 numbers. If their number is called, they come up front and are handed a bag of rice to take home. We’ve given roughly 50 bags of rice away over the past two Fridays. We have found that the most organized & least chaotic way to give things away is though ticket-drawings. Everyone seems to respect the winners and there’s never been any drama.


From Thursday:

This little spitfire is on her way home for the holidays! I cannot even BEGIN to express how happy I am! 🎉🎄🎅

Fabi keeps asking me how many more sleeps until Malaya comes? The babies have no clue she’s coming but they point to the phone all the time and say her name.

She starts flying tonight. She’s had a VERY rocky start already – between delayed flights and schedule changes.

Please pray it’s smooth sailing now that she’s checked in and starting her very first solo adventure into Haiti! ✈️ 🇭🇹

I also have to brag that my little “home-schooler” had 8 midterm exams this week – AND her lowest score was a 90%… including AP classes! I know she was worried about how hard it would be to transition to a public school her senior year – but she’s doing AWESOME! My senior girl has a 4.0 GPA!! 🎉

(We don’t know what it is that Malaya wanted Jose to give her – but she’s just as determined & stubborn now as she was when she was 3! HAHA)


From Last Week:

I’ve spent this past week in bed with a high fever and bronchitis. It’s been spreading through the campus like wild fire – and taken down a lot of our staff. It’s definitely not how I wanted to spend my birthday week – or any other week for that matter.

Today, I finally feel well enough to go online. As I read through all the messages & texts – I am reminded of the many kind people I have in my life. Thank you so much for the many birthday wishes!

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