Who Are We Anyways?

Jody & Jose Castillo are the Directors of Haiti Operations with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. Jody‘s father founded the mission 43 years ago when she was just an infant! She has spent her entire life serving Haiti in various capacities and villages.

Jose & Jody chose to be married in St. Louis du Nord in 2001, because they wanted to start their union completely surrounded by the people they love so dearly.

**Together, we have devoted our lives to serving His kingdom in the country of Haiti. We have a house FULL of children and an unquenchable thirst for an intimate relationship with our Creator.

There may be a lot of drama on the battlefield but one thing is for sure…..
There’s Never A Dull Moment!

  • Ivana

    Today I was in my office and I heard some commotion outside. There was a small little 4 year old boy with short red hair and a large belly from malnutrition. He had skinny little arms and legs and was completely covered in dust and dirt. The mayor was here along with a few of… Read more


    The tears just stream down my face as I hear the screams of a mother who just lost her little son – less than 2 years old. He came in – he was burnt all over his body. We tried everything – but his sugar shot-up and he went into convulsions. This little baby just… Read more

  • Never Too Young for a Mango….

    Often in the afternoon the girls will sit outside and eat mangos. It’s become part of their “daily” routine. After mangos it’s time for a nap – so they really like to drag out the snack as long as they can! Today was a little interesting. As I went upstairs to watch the girls eat… Read more

  • 1st Summer Group – Almost finished!

    It seems like we’ve been preparing for the summer for months now and the first group has come and now is ready to go. We send out their luggage tomorrow. I’m always amazed at how God works from the time  a group arrives until the time they leave. The first day they are here –… Read more

  • Govt. Building Update

    The emails of prayers that poured in today were beautiful. Thank you all so much. I’ve been a little overwhelmed as the group is here  – their first full day or work – and i had another group I had to book tickets for today.  Then I was a little anxious about this meeting today.… Read more

  • It’s All Good…..

    So today Dr. Joseph called me and said that he found TWO papers that said the building we were worried about was ours. He doesn’t want me to tell the Haitians so he can surprise the govt. with the papers at our meeting next week. Your prayers are working….keep them coming! The kitchen is finished!… Read more