Who Are We Anyways?

Jody & Jose Castillo are the Directors of Haiti Operations with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. Jody‘s father founded the mission 43 years ago when she was just an infant! She has spent her entire life serving Haiti in various capacities and villages.

Jose & Jody chose to be married in St. Louis du Nord in 2001, because they wanted to start their union completely surrounded by the people they love so dearly.

**Together, we have devoted our lives to serving His kingdom in the country of Haiti. We have a house FULL of children and an unquenchable thirst for an intimate relationship with our Creator.

There may be a lot of drama on the battlefield but one thing is for sure…..
There’s Never A Dull Moment!

  • Princess Camp Is Ready…

    Princess Camp Is Ready…

    After weeks of cleaning, de-cluttering, and decorating…our princess palace is ready! FYI… Malaya can be pretty bossy when deciding what’s allowed to stay in this room! Read more



    Today we had 138 kids swimming and playing games in our yard all afternoon! Read more

  • Our 22nd Anniversary…

    Our 22nd Anniversary…

    We just celebrated 22 years of marriage! And for our 20th anniversary – we had a huge celebration in the Mole! Read more

  • We Hope To See You THIS FRIDAY…

    We Hope To See You THIS FRIDAY…

    The party is this Friday from 4-6pm. If you are unable to come – would you please consider sending her a card this week? We would like to surprise her and hang them up at the party. Read more

  • Pray for Haiti….On Brink of Civil War

    Pray for Haiti….On Brink of Civil War

    The population has been pushed to make impossible decisions. We are on the brink of civil war between gangs and civilians. Read more

  • Celebrate Malaya With Us on May 26th!

    Celebrate Malaya With Us on May 26th!

    I explained to Malaya that her community may not look the same as everyone else in her school – but they care just as deeply for her. On May 26th, my parents & I will both give a more intimate update on our missions as it’s difficult to share specific details on public platforms. Read more