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We are missionaries with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. We have devoted our lives to serving His kingdom in the country of Haiti. We have 7 children and a thirst for an intimate relationship with our Creator. There may be a lot of drama on the battlefield but one thing is for sure.....There's Never A Dull Moment!

We’re Back!

Feeling extremely exhausted after a wonderful 3-day spiritual retreat. We arrived in Atlanta late on Friday night and got up at 3am to fly into Haiti today and we are finally here with the surgery team! ALL THEIR BAGS MADE IT TOO! YEAH GOD! I was hoping the […]

False Alarm

They did an amnio today and decided the baby’s lungs weren’t ready yet to meet the world. I’m sure God wanted Janeil home for other reasons but it was so sad for us not to have him here. I’ve laughed and cried and had amazing praise and worship. […]


Janeil just got the call that Heather will probably be induced this evening. So he has left! It was sad to see him go – this conference has been so amazing and I know he would really have enjoyed it. Heather actually pushed him to come because she […]

Leaders Losing Soul…

Jose and I are in Duluth, GA right now attending the annual Catalyst Conference. This is our third year and I have to tell you that this is something we really look forward to. Janeil went with us last year and met us again this year so we […]

And The “Grays” Have It…..

So several weeks ago I had asked for people to vote on what shirt they would want for next year. Several people emailed and others posted online. The overwhelming majority wanted Gray! We’ve never done gray before so we agreed to do it for next year. Janeil and […]

Take Me Out To The Ball Game……

Gabriel’s First Birthday – BASEBALL THEME Now I don’t think I went overboard – just a few decorations…… We invited 8 of the little babies from the baby orphanage to come to Gabriel’s Party – They were so cute! Time To Eat:   WAIT GABRIEL – WE HAVE […]

Will You Have the Baby Already?

So I posted earlier (then removed) that Janeil and Heather were at the hospital and were going to have a baby and it was a false alarm! This is the 2nd time I’ve been excited only for them to come back home with no baby! So frustrating….(okay maybe […]