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We are missionaries with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. We have devoted our lives to serving His kingdom in the country of Haiti. We have 7 children and a thirst for an intimate relationship with our Creator. There may be a lot of drama on the battlefield but one thing is for sure.....There's Never A Dull Moment!

Easter Choir Performance!

The other song is called I surrender. This song has a lot of meaning for us. I talked to the congregation before we sang. Every person in this church knows sorrow – has lost someone they love – has experienced a heavy load. We know suffering all too well.

Prayers for Levi…

Yesterday we were all set to celebrate Malaya’s 11th birthday. Jose was getting ready to bake her a cookie cake and we were talking about how everyone was going to play whatever card games she wanted after dinner and hide-n-seek in the dark. Then just like that we […]

A Castillo Christmas 2015…

  The internet has been really slow so I haven’t been able to upload a lot of pictures from our family Christmas! On December 22nd we were SO blessed to have Chrystian & Mamita come to the Mole. This is Jose’s brother & mother. We haven’t seen them since […]