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We are missionaries with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. We have devoted our lives to serving His kingdom in the country of Haiti. We have 7 children and a thirst for an intimate relationship with our Creator. There may be a lot of drama on the battlefield but one thing is for sure.....There's Never A Dull Moment!

SO Thankful Replay…Day 22

Funny how the day before I’m talking about being up all night and the very next day I’m thankful for the sunrise….which I often miss more times than not! There are times though where I’m “forced” to look at it….like when we had to get up early to […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 20

  Well I have something pretty exciting to share with everyone today. Since moving to the Mole we’ve been praying for God’s protection for our campus. In fact I led our staff through the Circle Maker several years ago and we created a list of things we wanted […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 19

Hmm….. Well….. Maybe….. I don’t know….. Really??? Hmm…. Those are the thoughts that typically go through my mind when I feel like the Lord is calling me to do something out of the ordinary.  If I’m not careful I can let those thoughts play on a reel over […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 18

Jose, Asher, & I flew into the Mole this past Saturday after spending time in the states re-packing crates & barrels for the boat. We brought back with us hundreds of strands of Christmas lights! Sunday night we started decorating the courtyard. We’ve been working on it little […]

So Thankful Replay…Day 14

This has been an incredible year of ministry here in the Mole. The seeds we’ve spent 5 years planting and watering are finally beginning to bloom….and we are reaping a bountiful harvest. They say it takes a village to raise a child….and equally it takes short term missionaries […]

Reboot, Repack, & Reload

I know not everyone gets to see our ministry blog so I wanted to share this post here too! 🙂 The pictures show up better on the blog but here’s a look at our latest boat update.  Reboot, Repack, And Reload! BY CASTILLO ON NOVEMBER 13, 2015 […]