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Health Care In Haiti…

My very talented friend Tiffany Parsons recently had an article published in Transformed Magazine! She shares our personal story & work in Haiti –  as well as other information from my Thanksgiving blog! I feel incredibly humbled by her kind words and SO GRATEFUL she was willing to […]

Singing Her Into Heaven…

I remember years ago locking the door to my clinic after an extremely difficult day had ended. I had lost 2 babies that day in my clinic. Their parents waited too long to bring them. They died right there in front of me. I wrapped them with white […]

Gigi is Sick..

It’s 5am and Gigi has had about 13 baths today. She is running a high fever and her body is limp. She is 8 years old and learned to walk last fall. Ever since she learned to walk – you can’t hold her down. She goes everywhere. That’s […]