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Just Another Monday….

It’s 3am and I have spent the last two hours in tears – praying for strength and for understanding. I have known since I was little that I was called to Haiti. I never realized the position I would hold or the kind of influence I would have […]

Face of Jesus…..

I’ve blogged a lot about my best friend’s mom – Kandiance. I remember sitting at the funeral and hearing all these wonderful things about her. Talk about a true woman of God – someone who gave of herself all the way up until the very end – witnessing […]

The Curse of Twins…

We got a real lesson of the HAITIAN curse about twins when we took Gigi in over 6 years ago. Gigi was two years old and 7lbs – barely surviving. I remember when she got malaria and was near death. The Miriam Center was right outside my window […]

My Walk With God..

God asked me to take a walk with Him, Our first in a very long time. I asked Him if He could wait just a minute, He frowned and said that was fine. An hour flew right on by, I told Him I’d be there when I can. […]

Sometimes I Hear Him Late At Night….

Staying up at night has its advantages and disadvantages! Obviously we’d all prefer to sleep through the night but sometimes it’s in the silence of the night that “listening” to God is the easiest for me. Little Levi wants to be held all the time. He acts like […]

The Story of Hosea….

Now I would LOVE to say that what I’m going to write came from my own observations after reading the story of Hosea and Gomer – – but it actually was shared by a girl named Leah at devotions in Haiti back in January. Since I’m up all […]