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Merry Christmas Ka Pa Fu!

Two boats were delivered early this morning – just in time for Christmas! Again –  I thank you all for hearing the prayers of a small little fishing village! Joceyln’s message: Hope everything’s good. Mr. Nene and I delivered the boats this morning. Thimetiel (the young man) and […]

First Boat Delivered to Ka Pa Fu…

I am so HAPPY to report that Saturday we delivered a boat to the fishing village! This village was struck by tragedy when they lost all their boats and fishing equipment from Hurricane Tomas. While their homes survived with minor damage –  their livelihood was washed to sea. […]

A Beautiful Give Away…

Today was AWESOME! It could not have gone better. 😀 50 families received much needed supplies and it was truly about as organized and calm as anything in Haiti could be! Thank you guys so much for your prayers! We were done with everything by 11:30! Juvensky (the […]

Satan, Ou Pedi Batay

I knew when we started this journey of helping this tent city that it wouldn’t be easy. If it were – everybody would be doing it. The little boy in the red shirt led me to a zone right in the heart of Port-au-Prince. Across from the palace […]

Amid The Rubble….

Jose and I decided to go to Port-au-Prince today. There was a group leaving and we had to charter a plane. After dropping off the group – Jose took me around to some of the places he had been. Watching his body language – I could tell there […]

Who Will They Light Their Lamp For?

Whenever you really look hard enough – you can always find beauty in the midst of tragedy. As thousands and thousands of refugees make their way north (we are the 2nd largest zone to receive refugees) the churches here are swelling. People are looking for answers to this […]

What The Mission Is Doing Right Now….

Today we had 22 surgical and medical personnel arrive safely at the mission. Tomorrow we will start dividing out roles and making plans for this week. Something you have to realize is that LaPointe and Port-de-Paix are basically the only functioning hospitals on this side of the coast. […]