Category: Personal Stories

No Exceptions?

Our family rarely visits  amusement parks in the states because it’s a little crazy going with all of our kids. There’s nothing worse than standing in line for 30 minutes only to get to the front and see that sign that says,  “You must be 48inches tall to […]

My Kids…Your Cameras

When teams are in Haiti – we ask for their camera cards each night at dinner. Then we upload several pictures while the teams blog about their day. This is one of my favorite things to do because you get to learn all about their day just by […]

Mail From Mole…

Today I got to fellowship with one of my best friends Diane (Wedding Lady)! We got to talk about all the weddings that happened in the Mole this past week.  Oh how I wish I were able to be there! Hearing about the ministry that happened last week while […]

Family Game Night…

Tonight was family night in our house! Jose made pizza and baked a cookie cake! I promised the kids we would play games tonight and of course no one could agree on one – so we played 2. The twins wanted to play the Spiderman Memory Game. Can […]

Happy 4th of July!

Tonight we celebrated the 4th of July for the first time in our home! (Well outside the home 🙂 ). Jose did everything he could to make today a memorable day…. and it was!  We decided to have a cookout in our front yard. We normally do bonfires […]

The Lord Is My Strength…

I have spent the last few weeks listening to podcasts, working through several different Bible Studies, finding time alone to worship, & really trying to throw myself into the Word. It’s easy to talk to God but it’s not always easy to hear His response. You see satan […]

Deep Thoughts with Gabriel….

Gabriel loves to draw! Sometimes he doesn’t have the words to get out his thoughts – but he’s a deep thinker just the same.  He expresses himself through his drawings and it gives us a glimpse of what’s happening in his little world. Today he brought me his […]