Take Me Out To The Ball Game……

Gabriel’s First Birthday – BASEBALL THEME Now I don’t think I went overboard – just a few decorations…… We invited 8 of the little babies from the baby orphanage to come to Gabriel’s Party – They were so cute! Time To Eat:   WAIT GABRIEL – WE HAVE […]

Will You Have the Baby Already?

So I posted earlier (then removed) that Janeil and Heather were at the hospital and were going to have a baby and it was a false alarm! This is the 2nd time I’ve been excited only for them to come back home with no baby! So frustrating….(okay maybe […]

God of this City

I’m sitting in my office for the first time since we’ve been here (because we just got power)- tears streaming down my cheeks. I have felt more than overwhelmed the last few days. I spent most of the weekend with major migraines. I’ve been talking to Heather via […]

Message From Janeil

I asked Janeil if he would give an account of his thoughts and feelings while he is here so that perhaps you all could have a better understanding of the devastation that has happened here. So he talked….and I typed. From Janeil: We inspected the damage at Ansefoleur […]