Just Burn It Down

Those are the thoughts and feelings I have right now as I just got off the phone with Momma Gigi. She had called to find out how I was doing. However – I could tell in her voice that she had some bad news to give me. I […]

Insurance Companies are the DEVIL!

Now it’s true. It’s 4am and past history should tell me it’s never good to blog when I really should be sleeping. However – I feel a little compelled to write as I’ve received yet again a beautiful email about how if I had insurance then I wouldn’t […]

What Color Do You Want To See?

Part of my job now with doing travel is to pick out next year‘s shirt color. Everyone has a different style – so it’s hard to pick a color that everyone will like. I want to hear your opinions.  What Color shirt? What Color do you want the […]

We’ve Been Invaded….

When Jose and I built our house – we took extra time and money to seal it off. We filled in all the holes, cemented all the cracks, we keep all our windows closed, we even have the only storm door in Haiti just to protect ourselves from […]


I am beginning to feel much better now – although I do have my bad days here and there. Now if I can only get my days and nights back in the right order. I’ve created the habit of staying up until 3 and 4 each morning – […]

The Power of power……

The generator in Haiti is up and down and up and down –  only now it’s more down than up! We use it to pump water for all the mission programs, for all the microscopes in the pharmacy and lab, for keeping the food in the fridges from […]

Our Fall 2008 Newsletter

If you read the blog – you probably don’t need to read the newsletter! But if you’re a little on the lazy-side and just want a quick glance of what’s happening without the daunting task of reading through post after post – then this is for you 🙂 […]


We will be loading up our Christmas gifts and decorations into the large container to ship to Haiti at the end of the month. We put out an announcement in the mission newsletter that we’re looking for used Christmas decorations if anyone had anything they would like to […]

Top 10 Reasons I need a Drink…..

Granted there are a lot of work-related stresses which I listed before. But my crazy kids don’t help either! The things that they say and do…..wow!   In fitting with the previous theme – here is another David Letterman – Top 10 List all about my children! Top […]