Hurricane Ike

It amazes me how the news isn’t reporting on Hurricane Ike’s damage in Haiti. Wesley called his family in Gonaives and was told that the rain from this storm has made everything just as bad as it was from Hannah. People are back on their roofs, roads and […]

Haiti Needs Your Help

Yesterday I heard a comment on Sirius radio where the host laughed about the damage that the hurricane caused in Haiti, stating, “Even if the whole country of Haiti was wiped out –  we would only be talking about hundreds of dollars”.  What? Perhaps that comment should be […]

Update on Storm

There have been so many emails circling of things that aren’t really true as well as many questions about what is happening in our area.  So I just wanted to take a moment and clarify a few things.  First of all – everyone is safe. The St. Louis […]

Hurricane Hannah

Hannah is sitting over Haiti right now – and the Baie is beginning to flood out. The ocean is rising in Port-de-Paix by the orphanage. The children are safe but the hotel by the orphanage is being slowly consumed by ocean. St. Louis and the compound are okay […]

I Think God Just Yelled At Me

It was 4am and I found myself curled up in my bed, rocking myself back and forth, crying with the worst headache and arm pain. I don’t understand – it’s been nearly 8 days since I’ve had any major problems.  I think for the first time ever – […]