Heading to PAP Tomorrow….

We secured 10 barrels of Diesel today 🙂 God is good! We also made contact today with Agape Flights who have extra food in Cap Haitian. They’re trying to make arrangements to deliver that to Port-de-Paix. I told them we really needed Rice, Beans, and soap! So we’ll […]

Food, Propane, Diesel

Those are the things that are difficult to find. Most of the gardens were washed away and so there aren’t as many vegetables at market and those we manage to find are very pricey. We are almost out of propane -several empty tanks. But so far we can’t […]

Gigi Walking

Several emailed and asked if I would post a video of Gigi walking! ABSOLUTELY!! I have some of the first time she walked – which was while we were gone – and some of her today walking around the courtyard. The funny thing is – now that Gigi […]

Very Humbling To Be Home….

We stepped off the plane in Port-au-Prince and the air was cool. You know most times when you step off the air-conditioned plane you immediately feel the heat. It wasn’t that way. The sky was cloudy – a gray overcast and the air felt cool. We went through […]

We’re Headed to PAP

We’re at the Miami airport – got confirmed seats for Port-au-Prince! Praise God! We flew stand-by here but God has been more than faithful to us – even giving us extra seats where we can stretch out! Now if only we can get up north! As of this […]

Hurricane Ike

It amazes me how the news isn’t reporting on Hurricane Ike’s damage in Haiti. Wesley called his family in Gonaives and was told that the rain from this storm has made everything just as bad as it was from Hannah. People are back on their roofs, roads and […]