Haiti Needs Your Help

Yesterday I heard a comment on Sirius radio where the host laughed about the damage that the hurricane caused in Haiti, stating, “Even if the whole country of Haiti was wiped out –  we would only be talking about hundreds of dollars”.  What? Perhaps that comment should be […]

Update on Storm

There have been so many emails circling of things that aren’t really true as well as many questions about what is happening in our area.  So I just wanted to take a moment and clarify a few things.  First of all – everyone is safe. The St. Louis […]

Hurricane Hannah

Hannah is sitting over Haiti right now – and the Baie is beginning to flood out. The ocean is rising in Port-de-Paix by the orphanage. The children are safe but the hotel by the orphanage is being slowly consumed by ocean. St. Louis and the compound are okay […]

I Think God Just Yelled At Me

It was 4am and I found myself curled up in my bed, rocking myself back and forth, crying with the worst headache and arm pain. I don’t understand – it’s been nearly 8 days since I’ve had any major problems.  I think for the first time ever – […]

I’m a Grandma!

Now it seems unlikely that at 28 years old I could actually be a grandmother – but sadly – it’s probably not that unlikely anymore. When I was 9 years old I used to play with the children in the nutritional center. That’s actually how I learned Creole. […]